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March 25, 2010
By Delia Degracia BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Delia Degracia BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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“Goodbye Bentley Middle Hello Bentley High” yelled out Nannette. “Already in High time for parties and hot boys.
“No Nannette it’s not all about that, we are going into the life of young adults so act like It.! Aklil answered back. I can still hear that moment echo in my head, the remembrance of best friends that will never fade.
Some people love living the high school life. Going to parties drinking and smoking weed, Guys who are gorgeous but don’t be fooled all they want is one thing and that’s hitting home run. But losing your friends is something outrageous one thing that I never expected to happen. I remember my ninth grade year like a movie.
When I was in class I had noticed two kids switching substance to each other, laughing like idiots. All that went through my mind was this is school not the streets.
As that day went on Moné had suggested that Denise, Nannette, Aklil and I should spend the night at her house so we can go to some party. “Aye Nannette hurry up its just going to a party not a club”
“So… you know I always got to look good”
“Obviously nobody wants cares Nannette” Screamed Aklil.
We all were crying for the pain in our stomachs for laughing for much, Good times.
But that night was the last time we laughed together, going to that party ended our friendship to think of it, it just took one night to change everything. To be honest I wished Moné, Nannette and I could’ve stopped when Aklil and Denise told us too. I guess at the moment we loved it, we were having too much fun. Lick the paper roll it, chug down the liquor don’t stop till you feel the buzz was the only thing that scrolled through these kids mind. Nannette got so drunk she didn’t know what she was doing she started a fight with some chick she didn’t know named Chasity which Nannette did some major damage. Moné and I were so high that we couldn’t do anything about it; all the stumbling and throwing up just made me weak. After that night Aklil and Denise stop talking to us I don’t blame them even though we all cried our eyes out for us to be friends again. They knew that once we try the first time we won’t stop and it was true we were addicted.
Last time I talked to Denise was in the middle of the year when I was walking down the hall, which didn’t go to good. We had an argument and she soon left me in the hall with total silence.
At the end of that day I walked straight home forgetting that I had to meet Nanette and Moné. I sat in my room alone and thought about everything until I was interrupted by a phone call. “Yo whats good for this weekend you finna hit up that party”?
“Mmm I don’t know Moné don’t you think we should stop? I seen Denise today and she told me some deep ishh”
“Yessi our friendship with them is over, you already did what you had to do so….come on please, there’s going to be liquor and Jay finna b there you know he been asking about you”.
“For real… Okay it’s what ever that’s the past I guess it just got to me that’s all, well I’m finna get dressed ,see you in thirty minutes”.
“Okay Girl bye”….

Right then is when I made a mistake I had the chance to let go of the bad influences but I didn’t everything was whatever. My ninth grade year was all about Smoking, Drinking and Partying look at me addicted to something I can’t escape from.

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