Never To Talk Strangers

March 25, 2010
By Anonymous

She closed the door behind her as her family pulled out the driveway, anxious to get to their dreamy vacation hotel for Spring Break. Christie, who was left behind, dreaded this moment since the day she found out about it, because she knew she had nobody to spend her vacation with. She thought to herself, well this stinks, I’m 15 years old with nowhere to go for an entire two weeks. She then decided to go take a nap to see if she could get rid of her boredom. Peanut, her dog, laid down beside her as their eyes suddenly got heavier and heavier to the point where she fell asleep.

She woke up and looked at the clock. The clock read 4:00 P.M., meaning she only slept about three hours.
“What should we do now, Peanut?” she asked. Peanut barked. She had a feeling that she knew what he wanted.
“All right, Peanut”, she began to say, “Let’s go.”

When she got to the dog park, she let Peanut run free and wild with the other dogs. She watched for a while until she noticed Peanut was nowhere to be found. She panicked, fearing for the worst since she knew Peanut was not only careless but also small, considering he was a Yorkie. She began to call for him. She called and called until she heard a distant bark that sounded and resembled Peanut’s. She followed the noise until she saw her dog in another man’s arms. He looked to be in his thirties with hair that started to turn grey.
“Excuse me, is that my dog?” she asked.
“I believe it is, because it’s certainly not mine.”
“Then why is it in your arms?” she asked.
“The dog startled me, and since it had a collar on I figured that it must belong to someone.” Embarrassed, Christie cooled down her temper and apologized.
“Not to worry, no problem at all”, he said. “By the way, my name is Jim Carrey.”
“Like the actor?” Christie asked. She quietly laughed to herself.
“I know it’s funny”, he continued, “but it really is my name.
“Mine’s is Christie”, she stated. She then glanced at her watch. It read 6:30 P.M. She said her goodbyes to Jim and eventually she went back home.

A few days later, Christie decided to go get some food. She then went to the local corner store. When she arrived, she noticed she had seen Jim.
“Jim!” she shouted.
“Oh, hey Christie! What’s up?” he asked.
“Nothing much, just thought I would resupply.”
“Alright,” he said, “How about we go together?”
“Ok”, Christie supposed, knowing that she had nothing better to do at the moment.
They then got to the cashier. It was Jim’s turn to pay.
“Hey, how about we hang out one of these days?” Jim asked Christie.
She was not sure if she really wanted to “hang” with someone she basically just met.
“Well, whenever you want to visit me at my house, just feel free.” he said.
He then gave her his address. He finished paying and left, and then Christie paid for her groceries and returned to her house.

She woke up not too many days later and thought to herself, this is the day they come back! She was excited, for she was beginning to feel like they forgot about her. Later on, as she was watching T.V., she heard the house phone ring. She picked up, and to her greatest disappointment, it was her mom stating that she and the others were going to stay for a few more days since they were having such a good time. After she hung up, she felt unwanted, forgotten and left out. She tried to hold it in, until she eventually cracked to the point where she had tears flowing like the Nile River.

Without thinking it through, she chose to visit Jim and see if he could somehow make the day better for her. She knocked on the door. Jim then opened up with a friendly grin.
As soon as he focused on her face, he asked, “Are you alright?”.
“Can I please come in?” she said.
“Of course”, Jim said with a strange smirk. She walked inside.
“Please, sit”, he stated.
She sat, and as she did so, Jim closed the door and closed up all the blinds and shades. As he turned around, he had a strange grin on his face. Christie, feeling a little uncomfortable, stood up and started backing toward a corner. She suddenly began to regret what she had just done.
“What are you doing?” Christie asked.
As Jim got closer and closer, he said “Shh, it’s going to be alright. Just close your eyes and don’t say a word."

The author's comments:
I hope people will start to be a little more wise about their desicions. Not all scenarios will be like this but a foolish decision might get you in trouble.

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