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March 25, 2010
By stephanie pedroza BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
stephanie pedroza BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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You know the saying ‘you don’t know how much you love something until until you lose it’? Its true iv lost many things in my life that I have love like my mom, dad, pets, a doll that I like and had since I was 3. None of things could top the pain I felt when I lost my husband I never knew how much I loved him until I lost him. I never knew losing him would be so hared I never knew that I loved him so much he but how could I not think of that I mean he was my husband his name was Ian.
When I met Ian I didn’t care for him for me he was more of the guy who put me in chains and sending me to prison. My parents picked him as my husband even though I didn’t love him. I wanted to find someone that I would love to marry but my father didn’t want that he wanted a rich men who would give me a good life but better give them a good life.
Ian was my father’s friend son their only son Ian grandfather gave him all the money when he died but is not allowed any of it until he marries. Ian’s parents and mine wanted some of it they both did not care about how we felt about it was get married or get married. MY parents could not make anyone els to do it I was their only child so I was the only one who they had to pick.
I would cry and beg my father not to let me get married but he didn’t care all he thought about was the pack of green papers on his hands. He didn’t care that his daughter would be not be happy he did not care that I would cry every night because of how unhappy I was.
The day of the wedding I could not keep my eyes dry not even for one second. Ian new what my parents were doing he knew I didn’t want to marry him. Ian parents were doing the same but I didn’t know that I thought he was in it the whole time so I hated him.
I don’t know what it was that made me fall for him but I did. It might have been how he would try to keep me happy no matter how much I hated him he didn’t he understood why I was like this. Or how I saw what a great men he really was and not what I thought he was. I don’t really know what it was but i know that I just ended up loving him.
Our life together didn’t start off so great I would always be yelling at him or throw something at him well I’m insulting him. I didn’t want him near me we would sleep in different rooms me in one side and him in the other. He would try his best to make me happy by making dinner buy me things making sure I don’t end up needing anything. I didn’t care or see that he was a good men and a good husband I was blind by hatred.
Once my parents knew that we were sleeping in different rooms and not together my parents and his were not happy about it. They came over and started to yell at us about it but all I thought about was why were they yelling at him? Wright their was when I new that he had nothing to do with it that he was not part of the deal his parents and mine made us marry.
After that I started to be more calm and felt terrible for what I did. We had to sleep in the same room but he gave me my space that I wanted but we grew stronger every day and I wanted to be with him. I started to see how great of a man he was then soon how great of a father he was we had two children a girl and a boy. Our son Jacob was our first my husband gave him his name he was always so active and would never stop running. Our daughter the little girl of Ian he loved her so much her name was Jessica she was named after me she loved to be with her father all the time.
We hade a great life after thatwe started to act like a husband and wife should l was glad that my father made me marry him because it was the best thing that ever happen to me and to him. Ian and I lived a happy and wonderful life with our children .

When my husband finally left it was the hardest thing that ever happen to me I never thought that I loved him so much until I lost him . I dint know how much I needed him in my life until he was gone.
The saying ‘you don’t know how much you love someone until you loss them’ is true so love something a lot and enjoy it well you still have it.
I am Jessica and my husband was Ian.

The author's comments:
i new this women who lost her husbend and she was realy sad and she told that you never know how you love something untill you loss it that is what inspired me to write this

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