March 24, 2010
By asia contreras BRONZE, Menifee, California
asia contreras BRONZE, Menifee, California
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On a hot sunny day in LA, I had the best but worst day ever in my life. While driving on the freeway, my brother, Saul, my sister, Monique and I were driving with my grandma to go visit her friend. During our trip, my grandma turned to us and specifically informed us to behave when we got to her house.

When we finally got there, I couldn’t believe how humongous her house was. I felt I was in a mansion.

After one hour of being bored, my brother sister and I decided to go in the front yard to go hangout. My brother decided to peek over the fence, and, out of the blue, he bursted out, “Man! They have a tennis court, a golf cart, and one of those guest houses”
My sister suggested we go check out the backyard. We agreed. Without delay, we were thinking how we can get through the house to the backyard since my grandma’s friend didn’t like anyone in her backyard, because she just planted a new garden. All of a sudden, I came up with an idea. As we were walking, I saw a side gate that led to the backyard. So, we climbed the fence and jumped over the gate.

Once we were in the backyard, we were walking around and I told my brother, “Let’s go check out the golf cart.”

We immediately walked toward it, and I noticed the keys were in the starter. Next, we sat down in the golf cart. I felt this rush of nervousness run down my body. Then out of nowhere, I felt my foot push down on the pedal. As I was trying to control the cart, I looked over at my brother and sister and they were laughing uncontrollably. We ended up driving onto the tennis court net! It felt like an earthquake when I crashed I into the net. I pressed the brakes. My grandma and her friend came running out of the house like it was on fire, wearing a shocked expression on there faces. My brother, sister and I were sitting in the cart thinking how much trouble we were going to be in.

“Get inside the car, now!” My grandmother yelled at us furiously.

When we got in the car, we could tell by the expression of my grandma’s friend’s face that she was extremely angry, just as if she had lost her house. Eventually, we knew what would happen to us and knew it was going to be horrible. When we got home, my grandmother immediately told us to sit down on the couch. Once we did, she just stared at us with a blank expression. What felt like hours later, she finally spoke and told us our consequences, “All of you are grounded for two months. You will collect cans and bottles to raise the money we owe, and you will come to church with me for three months.”

All I know is, since that dumb stunt, I’m never going to do something like that again. By the way, that was over four months ago and to this day we’re still collecting cans and bottles.

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