March 24, 2010
By Yivelsie Valentin BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Yivelsie Valentin BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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I could hear the faint sound of my heart pounding against the walls of my chest, and the sweat slowly oozing out of the pours of my hands, and thousands of butterflies filling my stomach as my eyes passed over the amazing boy with honey colored eyes, and his light brown wavy soft hair that glistened in the sun. My heart wanted to burst through my t-shirt and fall into his hands. But he had no idea of my feelings for him. I mine as well should have been the wall, he passed by me and our eyes greeted, I almost fainted. I was drowning in his stare. We had three classes together and he didn’t even no my name.
I walked into first period and took my seat, staring at the door in hopes that he might come in and look at me. But when he came in he didn’t, he just sat down and started talking to his friends. Everyday is the same thing. My hopes go up and then they fall and shatter. The bell rang, three periods later we went to lunch. As usual I sat down with my friends after getting lunch. My best friend saw me staring at Jayden, my crush. She snapped her fingers at me.
“Snap out of it Lia, you have to get over him. Sorry to break it to you but he doesn’t even know you exist.” She shrugged her shoulders and began to eat again, talking with a mouth full of food she said “I’m not trying to be rude, but I don’t want you to get your hopes up” too late, I had already fallen for him. I looked back at him and he was walking towards me. I slid my hand under the table and started hitting my best friend Amber’s thigh, trying to get her attention. My breathing began to get faster and faster, my heart pounding harder and harder. He stopped in front of me.
“Hi.” With a charming smile that had me ice cream on a hot summer day.
I hesitated, and stuttered. “H...H...Hi” I held my breath so my heart would stop beating so much, I was scared he’d hear it. He sat down next to me.
“I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me Saturday night” he didn’t seem nervous, more confident than anything.
“Yes!” she squealed with the biggest smile on her face. He nodded his head with a grin on his face and walked back over to his table. I looked over at Amber and she shook her head in disappointment “What?”
“I just don’t want you to get hurt is all.” I stayed there puzzled.
“How would I get hurt?” I thought. I walked away and went to my next class. Finally the last bell of the school day rang, and as I walked toward the busses Jason, Jayden’s friend, ran up to me. Jason wasn’t like the rest of them. He never went through with all the stupid pranks or bets that the guys pulled.

“Lia, I know you like Jayden a lot, everyone does. But, they bet on whether he’d ask you out and go on a date with you. After Saturday night he’ll ignore you and not even acknowledge what he’s done. I didn’t believe it. I mounted the bus and went home.

Saturday night came around, I spent hours with my sisters helping me get ready, I would have asked Amber but I didn’t want to deal with her telling me it’s a bad idea. The door bell sounded and I ran out shouting bye to everyone in the house. He didn’t greet me with a hug, or a smile. We went to the movies and I had a horrible time, I mine as well of been alone, he paid no mind to me. He laughed obnoxiously at scenes that were extremely immature, and kicked the back of other people’s chair, making everyone’s night dreadful.

School came around on Monday and just as Jason had said, he didn’t look at me or anything. But I didn’t really care, all these feeling I had for him disappeared when I saw how he really was, rude, disgusting, and immature. Finally my heart was satisfied with how everything turned out and not tangled in confusion around everyone’s opinion. I wasn’t sad or hurt. I was glad that I didn’t want him anymore, and that I didn’t want to be near him, because now I could walk the halls and know that I wasn’t missing out on anything.

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