Kara's decision

March 24, 2010
By Halley Kelleher BRONZE, Saint Joseph, Michigan
Halley Kelleher BRONZE, Saint Joseph, Michigan
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Kara is a beautiful woman, with dark brown hair, and big brown eyes. She’s 5’7 and built like a model. Her secrets were unknown to everyone, even herself. She had no clue of what she was doing, and her only goal in her past life was to have fun. She decided to get over her previous life and marry a young, rich man. Even though they were nothing alike, they loved each other greatly and as they say, opposites attract.
Over the years they had five lovely children. But Kara craved more than this. She wanted her old life back - she wanted to party. In Kara’s old life, she used to be a cocktail waitress at the local casino. She met a man there, and they started dating. He was the bad boy in her life, the one always edging her on. But Kara didn’t remember too much of him; she only remembered feeling like she was walking on a cloud. She could not do this while having five children to look after during the days. Her husband, Aaron, knew nothing of her desires. He thought that Kara enjoyed being a stay at home mom. Those days, he didn’t see her very much. By that time, Aaron was CEO of a big insurance company.
One night, while thinking of her old life, Kara snuck out while her children and husband were asleep. She took the silver corvette Aaron had given her for her birthday, and headed towards the casino. Even though she hadn’t been to the casino in years, she still recognized the man working the black-jack stand. Kara remembered the old days – he was the man she used to date so long ago; J.P. was his name. She walked right up to him, and said “Hey”. He replied by saying,
“Hey! Wow, you’re lookin’ gorgeous today, babe.”
Kara remembered him saying these words to her so long ago, and couldn’t remember the last time Aaron had called her
gorgeous. She asked him how he was, and right then they fell into their old pattern of talking. She didn’t recall why she had ever dumped him. J.P. was so easy going, and he wasn’t at work all day everyday. And when he was at work, he could have fun and party. He also didn’t have five kids! He didn’t have any.
“A girl lookin’ like you has gotta have a husband by now, right?” J.P. asked Kara.
“Well, umm...yes, but its fine. He doesn’t have to know.” Kara answered.
“Okay, it’s up to you babe, whatever.”
Soon, she had talked with him about everything, from clothes to partying to money. She looked at her watch and freaked. It said 7:00 a.m. Kara had spent the past five hours talking with J.P. without a care in the world.
“Oh my God, I have to go, this is the time Aaron leaves for work and I watch the kids all day.” Kara realized.
“Will you come and visit me tomorrow?” J.P. asked, but she had already run out.
She came home to hear Aaron yelling, “Where is she? When did she leave, why did she go?”
Kara burst through the door, saying that she only had to pick up a few things at the store. “Well, please tell me next time you’re going somewhere, because now I’m late to work.” Aaron’s usually calm temper was not calm today and he looked extremely worried. She promised him that she only went out for a few moments. What Aaron didn’t know was that this was the first of many lies.
The next night, Kara made sure to leave the house earlier so she could come home a little earlier without Aaron noticing. When she arrived at the casino, J.P. was waiting
for her. He gave her a hug and told her he missed her. They began talking again and this started a pattern. Every night, the same thing would happen. Aaron had no idea. He usually came home from work late anyway and he was too tired to see Kara missing from her side of the bed. As long as she was back before the children woke up, everything was fine.
One night, Aaron told her he had to go to Italy on a business trip. This was not uncommon by him, but this time he would be gone for two weeks. Kara was both horrified and excited because she would be with the kids all day every day even on weekends, but that meant she could see J.P. without having to worry about Aaron. A few nights later, Kara invited J.P. over. By this time, Kara had been seeing him for almost a month, not including the time many years ago when they went out. The children would have no idea, and this time she wouldn’t have to sneak out.
J.P. arrived exactly at midnight, the time they both had agreed upon. This time was uncommon, though. They were both alone, which was different than being in a loud, noisy casino. Kara and J.P. were so excited to finally be alone that the embraced right when he walked in. Right then, the door opened. Neither of them was expecting anyone so they both froze. Aaron walked in.
He was carrying roses and many presents. He had come home early from his business trip trying to surprise Kara, and to tell her how much he appreciated her taking care of the kids every day.
“What are you doing, Kara?!” yelled Aaron. Aaron could have said so much to Kara right now, every swear word he knew could have come out.
“He wasn’t supposed to know, what am I gonna do now? He’s gonna hate me. There was something about J.P. that Aaron didn’t like. Oh, no,” Kara thought.
She started panicking and ran from the room into the bathroom, leaving J.P. He just stood there, not knowing what to do. Aaron recognized this man as being the man who partied all the time and almost had gotten caught having with marijuana. He remembered Kara telling him about J.P.
He knew that Kara had dated him long ago, and this is why he was so worried before because he didn’t want her getting with this man again. Yet, she did. Aaron was furious but also very shocked. He thought that Kara had loved him like he loved her. Even though Aaron wasn’t there a lot of the time, he thought Kara loved him because he had a lot of money and he gave her almost everything she wanted. Aaron had tried to do the best he could in proving for her and tried to take her away from the life she used to have partying. He went to the bathroom and spoke, his voice clearly annoyed,
“Kara, do you want to explain anything to me? Maybe we can get help.”
His voice got louder when he yelled and banged on the bathroom door,
“I thought I could trust you with the kids, what have you done? How could you? I was so good to you and you deceived me. I don’t want to see you anymore until you get this straightened out. Do you realize who that man is? He’s the man who almost got busted for marijuana! Yeah, that’s great, Kara. Just have an affair with a drug-addict, don’t worry, I won’t care at all.” Aaron says with a sarcastic tone. Aaron was so sure that Kara would remember the life they had together and recall that J.P. wasn’t a good man. Kara

didn’t, though. Kara waited until Aaron had walked away and she ran out of the house, J.P. following her.
“J.P.”, she said, “Let’s get outa here. I am so tired of dealing with those bratty kids, and my husband is only obsessed with work and it doesn’t seem like he cares about me at all. Let’s go somewhere.”
J.P. was thrilled to hear this, he thought Kara was really pretty but she also had a lot of money.
“Yeah, baby, let’s make a run for it. Later, you can get your share of the money. You won’t have to be with that awful man again. I’ll show you what real love is.”
After J.P. said this, Kara realized that she would have to pick between J.P. and Aaron. She had never thought this far before. Immediately, she chose J.P. because he always gave her compliments and always seemed to treat her well. A week later, after not speaking with Aaron, she called him. Kara told him that she wanted nothing to do with him, and she wanted a divorce. Aaron’s response was,
“What? You’re throwing your life away for him? I tried to give you everything you wanted and this is what you do to me? Go away then Kara. I don’t want to see you again until the day we finalize the divorce.”
A month later, Kara started missing her old life, but she knew nothing could be done. J.P. only wanted to party, he didn’t have a steady income and nothing was set into place. Kara already had picked between J.P. and Aaron and her pick was J.P. Kara learned that she cannot have the best of both worlds.

I am Aaron, and that was my tale. I learned all of Kara’s secrets and all she was hiding from friends and I just pieced some together. I loved Kara, I really did. But, obviously that was not enough for her. My marriage has failed, there’s nothing left to tell.

The author's comments:
In English, we had to create a tale to go along with Canterbury Tales. This is the story that I came up with.

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