Wishful Thinking

March 24, 2010
By kandyxkiller BRONZE, Neptune, New Jersey
kandyxkiller BRONZE, Neptune, New Jersey
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The snow had melted away, dark clouds disappearing to reveal a clear blue sky with the beautiful sun shining.
A young woman walked down the street in a pink sundress, large, tinted, sunglasses over her sparkling brown eyes. However, her left eye had been severely bruised. She’d say she fell or ran into a door in order to avoid further questioning. She found herself wishing for her abusive husband’s death to come but afterwards, she’d breakdown and cry. She’d call her brother and own up to her wishing thinking.
Her schizophrenic brother, Riley, was diagnosed with a minor case of schizophrenia though the doctor said that it could worsen. Lately, it seemed to have done just that but nothing to warn a doctor about. It’s just the fact that whenever Jinx, his sister, called to tell him about her wishful thinking, he’d go off mumbling.
Jinx continued along the street until she stopped in front of the bank. She walked inside, pulling the glasses down her slightly pointed nose and off of her face. The bruise was still visible no matter how much cover up she had applied onto the skin. She got to the desk and noticed the girl’s eyes wandering from her eyes to the bruise. Of course, she was quick to make up an excuse on the spot.
“My son and I were playing catch. He threw it too hard and too high,” she mumbled, gesturing to the bruise, “Obviously.”
She didn’t even have children, her husband hated them because of how dirty and bratty they were.
Jinx put money into her account before she turned around to see her husband stranding outside of the bank. She sighed, left, and walked besides him, afraid of what was to come. Her husband, Trevor, was a business man which meant he went all over the world to see junk nobody needed. During his trips, he’d visit random women and sleep with them. Then he’s leave to find the next one. Once, he had even owned up to his several affairs but it didn’t matter; she couldn’t leave this marriage alive!
The entire walk consisted of rude comments, threatening, rhetorical questions, and then silence until she whispered that he wished he was dead. Immediately, he threatened her with a tight grip on her hand as they got to their front door. He cursed and cursed as he opened the front door. Standing behind the front door sat a man with a gun in hand and five hundred dollars in his pocket for the job. Trevor stepped inside and a bullet ripped through him, the strange was gone. Jinx was quick to call the police, her “sweetie” taken to the hospital.
Trevor awoke to see both Jinx and Riley sitting beside him.
“Jinx, be careful what you wish for,” Riley whispered as he yanked a knife from a pocket in his right boot. Before Jinx could stop him, Riley slit Trevor’s throat before climbing on top of him. He stabbed the man over and over again until the blood was splattered all over including on him and the man had stopped squirming. Riley smirked with satisfaction as his sister huddled up in a corner, eyes wide as she rocked. Many nurses and doctors were injured on Riley’s exit; two were even killed by a stab in the jugular.
Jinx, now a widowed woman, was scarred by it all and left alone in an institution. The only visitors she had were imaginary friends who scared her half to death. She knew her brother was out there and she knew it was her fault. The blood of Trevor and his agonizing yelp would forever stain her mind. She’s alone with guilty thoughts that keep hitting her hard and threatening her to be careful what she wishes for.

The author's comments:
This was a piece I wrote for my creative writing class. I had to use;
a widowed woman, a business man, and a schizophrenic man

a bank and a hospital

the problems in which someone wishes for something and someone gets shot.

the theme had to be;
Be Careful What You Wish For.

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