forever yours chapter 1

March 23, 2010
By hisbabyjuggalette GOLD, Howell, Michigan
hisbabyjuggalette GOLD, Howell, Michigan
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Katarina held her newborn close to her as if shielding it from the cold master bedroom. Her husband, Dylan, lay next to her with his arm around her neck, staring deeply into her beautiful, blue eyes. His were a softer blue color which he had given to the newborn child. It was a baby girl, with eyes like stars and tears that could make a full-grown man cry, which was exactly what Dylan was dong. A single tear fell from the baby's blue eyes, and down her soft, round cheeks, past her full pink lips, and dripped off of her perfect chin. The baby girl had also inherited her father's blond hair that clung to the sides of their heads, not that the girl had much hair.
Dylan spoke in his usual, soft, sensual voice when he spoke,
"You know Kat, she needs a name." there was a long moment if silence until Katarina broke it,
"You can choose baby." she spoke lightly for she was weak. She closed her eyes as if to blink, but didn't open them. Dylan knew she was asleep. He took the child from her arms and looked into her beautiful face,

Kat woke up to a disturbingly dark room. She could feel Dylan by her side. He breathed warm air on the back of her neck. She thought he was asleep. so she made no attempt to move in fear of waking him.
"Honey, you can get up if you want, I'm fine." Dylan said sweetly. Kat felt as if he was reading her mind.

Katarina got up and walked to the other side of the room where Sierra slept lightly in her homemade, wooden crib. It was white with a flower on the front that was as blue, and as beautiful as the eyes of the baby that slept there.
"Sierra." spoke a voice from across the room. Kat new it was Dylan because of the warmth that came to her because of the sound.
"Her name is Sierra." Kat's heart skipped a beat.
"Oh." a tear managed to escape from the corner of her love-filled eye.
"Sierra." she repeated, "That's lovely." she reached her arms into the crib and lifted the sleeping baby.

"Sierra, I love you darling." she kissed her forhead softly and put her back in the crib. She then climbed into the bed with her spouse.
"I love you too." she said, and sealed her promise with a kiss.

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