The Comeback

March 23, 2010
By Cheunginator BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
Cheunginator BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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It was a hot exciting day at the Daytona 500 and the crowds were going wild as the cars lined up at the starting point of the track. They grew silent as the cars got ready for maybe one of the biggest race in history. The flag waved in the air and the cars roared as they sped off. It was only seconds when they had finished one lap. Mike Johnson, in car twenty five took the lead. He was the favorite to win. Just then, car number thirty appeared and zoomed in front of Mike. It was Dave Jones, his rival. Seconds later, Dave was a mile ahead of him. The spectators were getting wilder. They wanted Mike to speed up and win. Some of Dave’s fans yearned for Mike’s car engine to sputter so he would lose for sure. However, after three exhausting laps, Mike shifted his concentration away from Dave and made a detour to the pit stop. He stopped at his station, car still rumbling. Three men in helmets came dashing with towels. Mike’s windows were splattered with dirt and were no longer visible. They wiped his windows squeaky clean. Cody, the leader, commanded for an urgent change of tires on Mike’s car. “Make it hasty!” he demanded. His crew reacted swiftly and finished in seconds. Mike pushed the pedal and zoomed to the track. He easily surpassed the other cars ahead of him and was trailing right behind Dave. Immediately, he focused on Dave, who was only a few feet away from him. Mike repeatedly zigzag left and right, trying to find a hole so he could squeeze through to take the lead. On the other hand, Dave was wise and managed to deter Mike from passing him. Once again, Mike didn’t get an opportunity and feeling frustrated, headed to the pit stop.
While his crew worked on his car, Mike took a minute to brain storm some legal plots to trick his rival. Yet his intelligent mind knew it was going to be tough to tackle the puzzling Dave Jones. The simple right to left trick had always worked against other drivers, nevertheless not on Dave. He was a skilled driver and has vast knowledge on everything he was trying to accomplish. He was curious and sometimes forgetful too.
But his inquisitive led him to become an intelligent young man. Suddenly an erupting voice caught Mike’s attention. “What are you waiting for Johnson?” It was Commander Cody. “You can day dream all day about the big trophy you’re receiving if you win.” Cody continued. “However, I believe if you don’t get to that track, you’re sure to lose.” Mike felt woozy but motivated from Cody’s what he called a “pep talk”. He accelerated the pedal and was off to the track. This time around Mike was focused. Currently he was behind and needed to speed up. There were only one hundred laps left. Despite his efforts, the car only lurched forward. Mike tried to pass the other cars ahead of him but was unsuccessful.

Due to his daydreaming, he was prohibited from stopping at the pit stop for tires. He was two laps behind. Mike regained his control as he rapidly concluded two laps without
having any cars preventing him from proceeding. Still, his tires needed a rest and without new ones, Mike will loose. Therefore, steered his wheel to the pit stop and drove to his garage. While the mechanics worked on his car, Mike tried not to start daydreaming again. Shortly, he resumed the race. Instantaneously, he was behind Dave again and
he desperately needed to take the lead. It was a thrilling race as Mike took first, then he would stumble back to second. After a few frequent trips to first place, a sudden urge flowed through his body. His forceful desire gave him the power he needed to succeed. He pushed on the pedal and flew pass Dave. Mike felt tremendous. He wanted to shout and announce to the world about this moment he’d been waiting for so long. On the other hand, he couldn’t do that. Unfortunately, his exhilaration overtook his calmness. Mike forgot about what he was doing and why he was celebrating. He thought that he was at home watching a football game and lost control of the car. Seconds later, there was a big KABOOM! The driver of car number twenty five spun and crashed into a wall.
When Mike regained consciousness, he found himself in a hospital. He couldn’t remember what had happened and needed some answers. A nurse tip toed into the room. “You’re finally awake Mr. Johnson” she said. “Yeah, but why am I here?” Mike questioned. “Somehow, you collided into a wall” she told Mike. “How?” Mike queried.
We’re not sure, no one bumped into you and nothing odd happened” she replied him. Moments later, Dave walked into Mike’s room. Mike couldn’t remember who he was until he said “Feeling better rookie?” Dave grimly said. “Thought I’d drop by and see how you’re doing” Dave continued. Suddenly, Mike recalled the incident and became suspicious. Without any doubt, he knew how he crashed into the wall. It was Dave. He was confident that Dave had bumped into him to assure him a win.
After, Mike was discharged from the hospital he immediately called his agent, Sam Kobratic and pleaded him to bring the tape to review the replay of the race. After studying it several times, Mike did not discover any foul play. Still he was not convinced. “Forget it” Sam told Mike. “You need a new car for your upcoming race” Sam declared. Mike had to agree with Sam’s advice. The next morning, Mike woke up bright and early. When he arrived at the garage, he found Cody and his crew already working on constructing a new car. Mike made a quick call to Sam begging him to design a new uniform for the next race. Mike believed that his old uniform was bad luck. Finally, the car was finished. Mike’s new car was red and blue on the sides with black streaks of orange fire on the front and back. Mike also demanded new number. Instead of twenty five, the car is now numbered forty four. Sam had finished Mike’s uniform too. Mike was eager to hit the racetracks again.
The day of the Indy 500 arrived fast. Before Mike knew it, he was sitting in his new car and dressed in his new uniform, ready to conquer the race as he drove up to the starting point. He could hear the crowds cheering and roaring as the booming announcer introduced the cars. When the flag gave the signal to start, Mike charged off the track, speeding to first place. On the other hand, Dave was unlucky as his car swerved off the path. A few tires flew off as he tried to reverse back to the track. By the time Dave’s tires were fixed, Mike was three laps ahead of him. “It sure looks like the driver of car number thirty is out of this race” the announcer said. “I’m not sure because Dave is a skilled driver and anything can happen with him” the other announcer continued.. “Anyway, the driver of car number forty four is in the lead” the announcer blasted. . Mike tried not to target on Dave. It might caused him another victory. Instead, Mike concentrated on the track. Even though Mike could see Dave zooming through the path, he wasn’t worried.
Furthermore, he is dominating the race. Minutes later, Dave zoomed passed Mike. It was a heart stopping race as both drivers switched from first and second position. Even so, Mike is certain he will win. Sad to say, a lot of unexpected incidents had occurred to Dave. Tires flew off their sockets; his engine broke down and was out of fuel twice. Now, Mike is in control of the race. When he reached his final lap, the crowd went wild. As Mike crossed the finish line, he grinned from eye to eye. He hopped out of the car and waved to the jubilant crowd. “What a phenomenal race!” Mike said to himself as he watched the other cars crossed the finish lines. He shook their hands including Dave’s. Dave congratulated and walked away. During the award ceremony, Mike raised his trophy high so everyone could see it. He has been waiting for this moment. In honor of Mike’s amazing comeback, he was added to the Hall of Fame. What a comeback year for Mike, the rookie!

The author's comments:
I wrote this in fourth grade. So please excuse all the grammar mistakes.

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