The Last Day

March 22, 2010
By Anonymous

It was June 13, 2008. The sun was bright and hot. The day was perfect to go out for a swim. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to go out. My parents put me in house arrest. I guess it was my fault for not being home before curfew last night. I was absolutely bored. I couldn’t do anything. The ceiling in my room was my only entertainment. I tried to see if I can make figures out the little dots that were up there. It was the only thing that I did. I turned to the right. 7 o’clock pm it said.
My eye lids were beginning to feel heavy. They were slowly closing and opening again. RING! RING! The noise of my cell phone startled me. I digged through my pocket. It took me awhile to take it out. Finally, I found it after the fourth ring.
“Hello” my voice sounded drowsy.
“Hey Chuy! What you up to right now?”
“Nothing Carlos, What else would I be up to. You know that I got grounded” Sometime Carlos can be really forgetful. I guess an idiot you can say, but he always knows how to have fun.
“Oh yeah I member now. Come hang out with us tonight.” The fact that he did that made wonder if he cared that I was grounded, but I was curious of who else is going.
“Who’s going?”
“You know Salvador, Jake, and me of course. We are just gonna go get a bite to eat and then walk around in some neighborhood.”
“Oh that’s cool I guess, but you know I can’t go out. HELLO EARTH TO MORON! I’M GROUNDED”
“Man forget that just sneak out.” Sneak out? I’ve never done that before, but I am seventeen years old and I didn’t want to be stuck in the house. I was silent for a minute.
“Hey Chuy…You still there?”
“Yeah alright. I’ll go, but how am I gonna sneak out?”
“Just go your window and I’ll wait for you at the stop sign. You know what I’ll go over right now.”
“Alright later”

I didn’t really care if I get in trouble. It’s actually normal for me. I changed into a white t-shirt and blue jeans. I brushed my dark brown hair forward. My hair was almost close to covering my grey eyes. I grabbed my white Nikes and started to head out the window. Slowly I pulled it up trying to not make any noise. Silently I got out of my room. Both feet were on the other side of the wall. I pulled the window back down. I tiptoed slowly to the street. Once I got there I sprinted to the stop sign. There was Carlos already in his car waiting. I opened the car door then entered it. The twins, Salvador and Jake, were sitting in the back.
“Aye Chuy. See there was no big deal from sneaking out. Your parents won’t even notice” Carlos said. That he was right about. When my parents ground me they know I don’t do anything until my punishment was over. I just smiled and nod.

We were heading over to Jack in the Box, through the drive through. My stomach was growling like crazy. Once we ordered I made sure everything was grande size. I ate like I have never had food. As we were finishing up, Carlos parked the car near a neighborhood I’ve never been to before. There was a bunch of beat up cars that were dirty. The whole neighborhood looked the color of a rain cloud. Everything was uneven and there where a whole bunch of cracks. There were little patched of grass but you still couldn’t tell if there even was any in the first place. We got of the car and started walking around. I was standing next to Jake as he and guys were talking about the upcoming school year. They didn’t really pay attention to me but I didn’t care; I just looked around. From far away I noticed something.

There was a man around his mid forties and girl that was around my age. The man was kind of dark skin, had black hair with grey on the sides. The girl looked almost like her dad. She must be his daughter. Her hair was long and black and had a slim body. Her father seemed really angry at here. He walked in an awkwardly way towards here. As he was yelling at her, it was hard to understand what he was saying. Nothing made sense at all. Each time he got closer, she backed away. There was a bunch of beer bottles piled next to a chair outside. He lifted is right hand up and smacked her on her face. She fell to the ground on her knees sobbing

I ran over to them to help the girl up. I herd Salvador yelling behind me “Ay where are you going?” I ignored them and continued over to their direction. I helped the girl up gently. She put one had on her red check and used her other hand to reach out to mines. Her father pushed me away from her. His face full of wrinkles that show years anger and bitterness. I got back up on my feet trying not to cause any problems. I was telling the man to please calm down. He was getting madder by the second. I wasn’t sure why. He then lifted of the left side of his shirt. Right there was a gun. He pulled it out and pointed it right at me. I was really scared. I lifted my hands up slowly trying to back away as he barked with the guns right in his hands. Carlos, Salvador, and Jake were running away. I was completely alone. The girl ran inside the house behind her. Her father turned around and without thinking I ran away.

There was the noise of 3 firecrackers. My back felt like it been hit by a bowling ball. My knees were getting weak and everything went black.
It’s been weeks now and I still wasn’t sure where I was. I felt like I was in the clouds. No it wasn’t a feeling. I really was in the clouds. I looked down and saw a familiar place. There I was lying down in the gravel ground. Motionless. Only the force of someone else would move me. There were camera men surrounding my body in the middle of a puddle of blood. The stare in my eyes blank and open. Not one blink. It’s like a movie that’s been put on replay of that day that I have been murder. I look back at this place every once in awhile and the flashback starts all over again. This isn’t heaven for me. This is a place that reminds me of my mistake.

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