Over The Edge

March 15, 2010
By CourtneyLynn27717 BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
CourtneyLynn27717 BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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It was a 75-degree spring day in Phoenix. Of course it was always pretty warm there, but today was perfect. There was a slight breeze that brought barbeque to your nose. The tall trees branches swayed like teens at a rock concert and cars hustled by to reach their destinations. Oh yes, today was THE day.

Sarah pranced to school with her Cobra Starship bag and 3OH!3 jacket. She was in her everyday attire; skinny jeans, a band tee (The Academy Is this fine day), and her favorite knee high blinding white Converse. Her hair was unwashed from the night before and it crunched up in the back where she left it to fend for itself. No one ever saw her brush her hair, but no one had the guts to tell her how disgusting it looked. Deep down she didn’t care what anyone thought, but she still knew. She plastered a fake smile on and walked through the doors to Robinson High.

The hallways were still crowded with the muscular jocks and their skeletal girlfriends. They were always right in front of Sarah’s locker making it impossible for her to put her stuff away.

“Excuse me,” she said in a polite tone.

The girl slammed against her locker was slender and extremely tan. Her blond hair was curled somewhat and her fingernails were tipped with little jewels. The girl just stared at her and snickered. “Oh am I in your way?” she asked.

Sarah wasn’t going to let her see how she was really feeling at the moment so she smiled again and said, “Um yeah. This is actually my locker and I kind of need to put my stuff away. Since they made that new rule about not taking bags to class its been sort of hard for me to make it on time. So I would really appreciate it if you could move.”

Again the girl laughed, “Wow. Well I didn’t need your whole life story. Yeah whatever, bye.” The girl and her ‘peeps’ walked down the hall and out the back doors.

Nothing was going to ruin her day. She smashed her bag into her cramped locker and began to reach for her Algebra book when she saw a skinny figure appear next to her. It was her best and only friend Stella.

Stella had long luscious brown locks that landed about halfway down her back. She was thin, but it didn’t look nasty on her it fit her very well. Stella was always sporting a t-shirt and jeans. Occasionally you could catch her in some pajama pants and a long sleeved shirt. Stella’s personality was what Sarah liked most. Stella wasn’t afraid to tell anyone her opinion. She was open-minded and determined. Her crystal blue eyes reflected her beauty to others. Sarah always felt insignificant around her, but she was glad at least one person loved her for who she was.

“Hey!” Stella said more excited then usual.

“Hi? Don’t take this the wrong way, but why are you so happy and jumpy?”

She began to blush, “Okay you have to promise not to say anything to anyone. You know Derek Hampton? Well, he asked me out!”

Sarah was stunned. The Derek? The gorgeous, smoking hot body Derek? What did this mean? Was Stella going to leave her behind like everyone else? Stella began to feel uncomfortable with Sarah’s silence.

“Sarah? Are you okay? I thought you would be happy for me…”

“Oh, sorry. I am Stella. Really. I am,” she said giving her friend a congratulatory embrace. “Um so when are you going on a date and stuff?” she asked curiously.

Stella turned bright red, “We already have. I was going to call you, but I was on the phone with him like all night! He is so amazing,” she said with a squeal of delight.

Sarah stared into the distance. Her reality was crumbling in front of her. All of the things she had once done came flooding back. The lacerations on her arms began pounding. All the images of her mothers body lying on the bedroom floor with the gun still in her hand. Her mother had taken her own life; little did she know she took Sarah’s with her too. Sarah worked so hard to deal with the pain, but she just couldn’t. She picked up the blade and now she had the scars to show her grief.
How could Stella do this to her? She grabbed her purse and walked towards to stairway. Stella tried to follow her, but Sarah shoved her back.

“Sarah! What is going on!” she screamed at her.

Sarah turned to face her. There was an evil grimace emerging, “Today is it.” She went into the staircase and locked the door behind her.

Three floors to the top of the building, just three floors. Sarah pushed the metal door trapping her in the stairway open and walked out into the bright daylight. The sun shimmered off her deep brown eyes and glistened against her tears. She placed the rope around her throat, pulling it tight. She looked over the grass at all the people who only looked like tiny ants. Placing both feet on the ledge, she let herself go. A loud crack was heard as her head fell to her left shoulder and a smile stretched across her face.

The author's comments:
I got this idea from my Psychology class because we have been giving presentations and someone happened to do one over suicide.

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