Feliks Leokadia

March 12, 2010
By Ethan Barsketis SILVER, Park City, Utah
Ethan Barsketis SILVER, Park City, Utah
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I woke up this morning to see I was twenty minutes early, twenty minutes best spent sleeping, but oops. I already hit the off button on my alarm clock. I had a decision to make. Waste precious minutes resetting my alarm, or go back to sleep and trust my internal clock.
Damn that evil internal clock, I should have never trusted it. It woke me up just before my parents but after the school bus. I could pretend to be sick, nah, my parents would never buy it. I could pretend the bus was early, Yeah this might just work, but only if I hurry.
I debated over wether or not I should take a shower. Short brown hair like mine doesn’t need to be washed often. After I took a shower and brushed my pearly whites I did damage control. 15 and still acne free, must be a genetic thing. After all I’ve already hit my growth spurt and I’m about 5’9. I went to my cluttered closet and pulled out a plain white T-shirt. I looked out the window at the soulless gray sky, Looked kind of chilly. I threw a hoody and some sweat pants on and I was ready to go. I peered into my parents room. Uh oh! only a mom.
I creeped down the steps silently, or nearly silently, it’s hard in such an old creaky house. I reached the bottom and decided to take my chances and strode into the living room, and there he was. Reading glasses, same brown hair, freshly shaved, his legs crossed reading the newspaper. When I walked in he set it down and looked up emotionless, or with a slight tinge of disappointment. Not a good sign.
He casually said, “so to cool for school”.
“Uh....no dad”, I said meekly
“So then the school must’ve decided on some last minute holiday then”, He replied sarcastically.
“I missed the bus”, deciding to take the path of honesty and now sounding more confident.
“Well, I guess I better drive you to school then”, suddenly he was less serious.
“I’ll get my backpack”, I said turning around.
“Not so fast, I don’t have work until 8”, he said referring to his office job managing some kind of committee.
“Ok might as well get breakfast then”, I strode into our kitchen.

The author's comments:
This is a character sketch for a boy named Feliks Leokadia.

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