On the Edge

March 12, 2010
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I stand on the edge,

I stand on the edge,

I stand on the edge,

a sweet, spontaneous laughter bubbles inside my stomach. It rushes upward, until it bursts out of my mouth. The intense passion I cannot control rings out. I lose power over my body. Throwing my arms in the air, I begin to spin, face to the sky, letting the chilled rain soak my hair. I twirl and I dance and I laugh, I watch the vast, gray clouds swirl over my head. I twirl and I dance and I laugh, I feel the earth squish between my bare toes. I twirl and I dance and I laugh, until I fall over, drunk with passion. And I can feel the emotions of all life. Love and lovers- bodies curving together, deception- lies told in secret. As the twilight moonbeams fall on my pale body, the rhythm of my heart slows. There will be another time of hurting, another kiss of the knife at my back, another tear down my cheek. But… For now, wildflowers will embrace me and the flame of life continue.

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live.laugh.spaz said...
Apr. 6, 2010 at 8:39 am
this is amazing!!! i LOVE the emotions in this....i can REALLy relate to it (: keep writing and check out some of my work too ;)
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