Lost Love

March 4, 2010
By chaynie4 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
chaynie4 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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Our last summer was a blur. Love was mutual, but I had to leave. My parents were moving and I was forced to go along. I will never forget that feeling of guilt I had for leaving her, but I had to, I was forced. That summer will never be forgotten, but at some point in time we both must move on. Sweet summer love is what brought us together and protective parents is what pulled us apart.

Purposely, I got a new phone when we moved and didn’t get her number. I said we had to forget each other at some point in time, so years down the road we never knew what happened that unforgettable summer. Our separation was the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me. I think of Jennifer every waking moment and I know I should really give her up but it never seems to stick every time I think of going out with another woman. Our love was different; it was strong, and real.

We weren’t just kids fooling around one summer, we really got to know one another, but after the heart break I finally decided to move on. I am going off to college where there are a lot of pretty girls that will help to take my mind off of Jennifer. My first year was a blast, and I almost completely forgot about my Jennifer, but somehow I would see something in the fall air that would make me heart broken all over again. I kept my mind on my classes, I went out with pretty girls, and kept my thoughts mainly off of Jennifer. I am majoring in accounting, having great success in my grades and having a blast in the college life. I also have a steady job in which I am very happy and successful. But every so often that unforgettable summer would reoccur in my dreams.

I cannot believe that would happen to me. Our summer was the greatest thing that it ever could have been. Didn’t anyone think about my feelings? How I would feel? Well I feel terrible. He just left. His parents dragged him off to a new place as protection. What good did they think that would do? I knew that with our passionate love and our plans some how, some way, things would work out. But my plans were crushed. He got a new phone, deleted my number, and said we had to forget each other. I knew I had to move on, especially after what he said about forgetting that summer. So I guess I should just look back on the positive things in life and move on.

We were going to go to college together. After I majored in English and he majored in accounting we would find steady jobs, get married and start our family. We had our lives all figured out that summer. He was even going to be a well-known math person while I taught high school English. Then with the help of his protective parents our plans were crushed. I somehow knew we would find each other someday down the road but I still doubted myself. What if I’m too old to get married, what if he gets married to another woman? What will I do without him? Under an oath that summer he promised our love was real and we would meet again, but until we reunite we had to move on and grow apart. Supposedly I’ve accepted that now and have moved on. I have been going to a counselor and am going to college. I will carry out my part of our plans as a chance to be reunited. So I am going to major in English. My career will get a head start with my successful job that I have acquired here at my new school.

I thought I was going to be happy there but one year with out him, with out friends I couldn’t handle it. I keep feeling his hand on my shoulder as I was going through a hard class, but it wasn’t him. My biggest help was my counselor. She would guide me through my classes and be my only friend, but later that year I had the will to move schools. I had a good job, was acing all my classes, but I just felt like I needed to move schools and start anew. So it was settled, next term I was transferring colleges, clearing my mind, and getting a fresh start.

I herd in my mandatory English class that we were going to get a new student. Information got around and I guess this new student was going to teach occasionally. Supposedly she’s going to be like a student teacher but also a student. She is majoring in English and needs a job to get her started when she moves here. I got excited when I herd that the new student was going to be a girl. But suddenly I started to think of Jennifer again and wonder what she was up to. That summer our plans were all set. We had figured our whole lives out. She was to become a high school English teacher, and I was to be a ‘well known’ accountant. For the first time this year I have started to sincerely miss Jennifer. Plans aren’t meant to be broken, they have to be carried out and I was the destroyer of those dreams. Consideration for Jennifer could have been in my mind but my parents will was instead. Trying to get Jennifer out of my mind that day was difficult. I was so sad that day as the whole campus seemed to be crying with me as I thought of our tragic departing.

As I stepped into my English class feeling depressed I awaited the arrival of the new student so maybe I could cheer up if the girl was pretty or something. As everyone sat down we were introduced to the new student/teacher. She looked vaguely familiar, but through my tear stained eyes, and plus I was sitting in the very back; I could not see her very well. Then after class as the new girl was standing at the door and I saw her, it was Jennifer! My lost love had been found. As she ran towards me, I ran towards her and kissed her like I had never kissed before. We were both so happy to be reunited we were speechless.

That day was one of the happiest of my life. As I saw him sitting in the back of the room I was giddy with excitement. At the end of class as I stood at the door I couldn’t wait any longer, my lost love had been found, so I ran towards him as fast as I could. Only one thing was running through my mind at that moment of pure joy when I saw him; I was never going to let him out of my sight again. Our plans were never ruined, just delayed until this happy reunion.

Now as we continue to carry out our plans we are both the happiest anyone could be and will love each other forever, “Till death doth we part”.

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Pink said...
on May. 1 2010 at 11:49 am
This is a wonderful peice of work that should be shared with everyone!  I can really relate to this person's story!

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