Candy Store

March 3, 2010
By --Masaki BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
--Masaki BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
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Candy Store

One jubilant day, I was walking to the candy store to appease my craving for gummy fruits. As I nimbly entered the store I accumulated what I wanted and then made my way towards the cashier. As I set my candy down and looked up I was smitten. There was talk about the new girl in school and it so happen she was working the same day I was craving candy. She was very beautiful, her eyes though were a bit ominous but it didn’t bother me much. She wore a dress lacinated with some red ribbons. She was almost irresistible.
She asked me “Will that be all?” I couldn’t seem to answer. I became a dastard for a split second but then regain my confidents. I tried to speak but instead I ended up gesticulating that I was satisfied of what I got. I saw her give a furtive smile but she couldn’t fool me because I was always very observant. “What’s your name?” I asked. She gave out a cute giggle “Thao” She answered. I then said “Name is Brian,” and gave her a smile. After a bit of talking we started to banter a little. I suppose it was our way of flirting.
Then a very egregious man walked through the door. It seemed to me that his movement showed he was very conniving. He had a face in which seemed he abhor all things. We were unambiguous on what the man was planning or what he wanted but we knew one of us better act quick. I ask the man then “Can I help you with something?” he did not respond. I said again “Can I help you with something?” the man finally turned and glared at me. “Stop being redundant kid I heard you the first time, and no I don’t need your help with nothing.” The man was incisive of showing that he did no like me but with much defiance I then said “well, I liked to help if I can sir.” The man soon with much anger lifted me off the ground and said “kid, I don’t like you now leave me alone,” and set me back down. With much anger in my body I yelled at the man “You don’t need to hate the world!” He then broke down and started to weep. I felt sorrow in my body after that and I sat down next to him and I asked “What is wrong sir?” He then replied “I have no home, no job, and I was about to rob this place of all its money so I can live for another day.”
Thao then came over to the man and then handed him all the money she had earned for the week. “Here sir you need it more than I do.” The man speechless, he then reached for the money, but instead of taking it he closed Thao’s hand. You are very sweet young lady and you to young man, but I couldn’t do take your money. I then reached for my wallet and then showed him my money too. “Don’t worry about it sir, it will be ok just take our money.” The man began to hide his face, but I could see tear drops rolling from his face. He took the money and thanked us. He then left the building without another word said.
A year later I was walking through the park with Thao. We had seen that same man from the store. He was in a suit this time sitting on a bench looking at the sky. We walked over to him and he saw us approach him. He then waved and said “It is you kids again.” We smiled to acknowledge him and then I said “You are in a suit. Where did you get one?” He let out a big laugh and then said “That money you gave me, I bought a dollar lottery and somehow won and now I own a big corporation that helps the homeless.” He then smiled “I thank you kids you changed my life that day and I hope to do the same for someone else.” Thao and I stood there smiling, we just realize of what we had done back then and how we changed the life of a once angry man.

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