March 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I dove into the deep blue water. A sudden cold chill rushed over my body as I watched the bubbles reach the surface. I look down and all I see are beautiful ocean plants. My body is finally used to the freezing water, but my lungs need a fresh breath of air in order for me to swim freely. This is the day I have been waiting for. Summer is finally here!
All my friends on the beach yell for me to come out of the water and socialize. So I swim to the shore and let the sand squish under my wet feet as I step on to land. After hours of talking, we decide it is time for the best beach game ever…volleyball! Everyone splits into teams and I know my team will dominate.
The ball comes to me and I spring as high as I can and swing my arm back to spike the ball with as much force as I can. 1-0. Our serve. My friend, Kristen, serves it and the volleyball goes back and forth 10 times until it is 1-1. After 20 minutes of playing, the score is 10-9, game point. The ball is served, the opposing team hits it back and I see it is going to land in the sand right in front of me. I dive towards it and feel the ball bounce of my arms. I look up just in time to see it barely go over the net, then splash in the sand, we won the first game of the summer! We worked up an appetite, so we went to enjoy some tasty barbeque.
We didn’t let the first day of summer end there, so we went swimming again! My friends and I all jump in at the same time and come up laughing and splashing like little kids. We acted like we were fish and dove down deep, opening our eyes underwater to see each others silhouette. As I kicked my legs to come to the surface, I started to think about how this is the beginning of a great summer. When I should of opened my eyes to the bright sky, I woke up to an alarm and looked out the window to a freezing, snowy, winter day, this was all a dream!

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