Middle School

March 3, 2010
By Anonymous

One word to describe it is insane. Not even joking. Keeping up with the work is okay --keeping up with the drama is in other words, impossible. Once something comes out of your mouth there is no taking it back.

You walk down the halls wondering why so-and-so is going out with him. Why would she say something like that about me? You are always thinking who might be talking about you, or if somebody is even talking about you at all.

Boys. Just more drama. Does he like me? Is he cheating on me? Do I even like him anymore? Boys are just another thing us girls always have on our mind. But for a guy I have no clue what they have on their mind. Someday I would like to know. Their life seems a little bit less complicated then ours because they seem as if they don’t keep up with the drama. Let alone care about the drama. They are always trying to compete with other guys. To see who is best at what sport and who might be better than them at their favorite sport.

In class you daydream about something else. Probably about what you're going to do after school or a girl/guy you are looking forward to seeing next period. So you miss the lesson and the instructions to your writing assignment. Later you end up asking someone what you guys are suppose to be writing about in your journals. You tell yourself, ‘its okay I can finish it at home.’ But does it always get done? Nope. Too easy. Too hard. It doesn’t matter always try your best.

Popularity. Just more and more drama, rumors, and gossip. He depansted someone today, and now he is getting suspended. You’re the talk of the school today, woohoo, no one cares. Getting in trouble and getting a bad grade aren’t something you should be proud of. Don’t be one of those people who always try to change themselves to get into a group. Of pretend to be something your not, those people are called wanna bee’s. Sorry but that is pathetic. Be yourself.

When you’re in 6th grade you worry about the 8th graders when you’re going to be a 7th grader. Stories always tell about kids stuffing kids into lockers, it’s mostly not true. No worries. They aren’t as bad as you think. Some are nice, some stuck up, and some that think they are bad but they are not.

Teachers, some nice, some easy going, some strict, and some you just hate. I think the worst are substitutes. Some substitutes smell bad and a lot expect the worst and are really mean, sometimes it’s funny just to make the mean substitutes mad, since they are so mean.

Middle school is not bad, just the drama is insane. Don’t fear it; try to do your best. Also be social, it helps you make friends. And friends are what help you make it through.

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