My exsistence

March 12, 2010
By Beans1025 BRONZE, Ivoryton, Connecticut
Beans1025 BRONZE, Ivoryton, Connecticut
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When life hits you hard, you get whip lash. But when the love of your life hits you hard, it’s like your heart falls to your stomach and the person you thought you knew was now the pain of your existence.
He apologizes without a sorry, but with the kind actions he suffocates you with. He becomes the person you thought you once loved. Turns out, you still pine for his heart and for his affection he gives towards you.
My existence has turned upside down. I don’t know the meaning of life; I don’t know the meaning of Love. He shattered what romance meant to me and broke the human I’ve grown to be.
How did I go this far? Why didn’t I just back out? The moment he hit me was the moment he became permanently attached to my every move, my dreams, my thoughts, my action, and for the rest of my existence.

The author's comments:
This piece is not about me, but it's about a book I read, called Dreamland. It's about the horrible affects that Domestic Violence does to woman.

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