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March 19, 2010
By KatieIsKaos BRONZE, Girard, Ohio
KatieIsKaos BRONZE, Girard, Ohio
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“Mr. Aarons!” Axel snapped back into reality. “Shoooooot! Caught again!” He thought. “Daydreaming,” <- Yep, that’s me. Axel Alexander Aarons a.k.a Triple A…but only the other guys on the team call me that. Oh yeah, I’m the star basketball player at Eldridge High School…and I’m only a sophomore! My brother…he’s the braniac. Xavier Maxwell Aarons…honors student. That’ll never be me…I mean, I get ok grades. All A’s and B’s… But with Xavier… it’s all A’s all the time. He’s such a little creep…
School …isn’t exactly my favorite place to be. If I could be anywhere, I’d live on the basketball court. But every day, fourth period… I see her...Anna Martinez. It seems like all the girls like me except for her. She’s just pure perfection…”Axel!” My brother slapped me. I was daydreaming again. “Axel, the dismissal bell just rang, and you’re sitting here like an idiot.” Xavier looked at me like I was crazy. “Awww man! I’m gonna’ be late for basketball!” I ran out of class and sprinted towards the gym. The coach, Mr. LeVesque, scowled at me. “Aarons, you’re late…again. That’s the third time this week.” I heard an intelligent sounding laugh coming from the opposite side of the gymnasium. Xavier was laughing at me! My own brother! What a jerk! I decided to make him shut up. I walked to the other side of the gym and started talking to Coach’s daughter, Kairi. Xavier’s crazy for her. He looked at me with rage in his eyes, and continued to leave the gym. I’d pay for that later.

Gah! I can’t stand my brother! He makes me look like a complete fool on a daily basis! And it appeared as if he was hitting on Kairi LeVesque today…he knows that I like her. He probably just did it to make me mad, but it doesn’t matter! I’m still utterly upset with Axel!
I walk into my room and take out my Algebra 2 book. I have so much homework to do today. I also wanted to work on so guitar parts tonight, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. * CRASH! * Oh, I’m guessing Axel’s home now. He walked into the house screaming like a banshee. “GRR! Why must Coach hate me so much! I’m star player! I don’t need to practice!” I walked down the stairs and told him to shut his mouth. He’s not a very pleasant person when he gets home from basketball. He’s so annoying. “Axel, enough,” I tried to calm him down. Of course, that moron continued to scream. * Sigh * He just doesn’t get it… “XAVIERR!!! Where’s my basketball!?! It WAS sitting here, like, five minutes ago!!” Axel’s such a loudmouth…So much for working on guitar parts…

“Mom! Xavier’s moving my stuff around again, and you know that I hate that!” Axel whined. “Oh, grow up, Axel!” I was so mad! He acts like an immature little baby. Grr… I’m going to my room, and I’m staying there...


What a jerk! I absolutely hate my brother! He’s just jealous that I’m the star of the basketball team, and I can get any girl I want...even his beloved Kairi LeVesque! He’s such a pathetic loser! All he cares about is school, and that stupid guitar of his! Huh? A text message? From...Anna!?!

I saw you at basketball practice. You did a great job. ?

-Anna <3
Should I reply? I wonder if she even wants to talk to me... Ughhh I need Xavier’s advice. “Hey, X. You got a sec?” He looked at me and sighed, “Yes I suppose. What’s going on?” I wasn’t’ sure how to tell him...He’s probably gonna’ laugh at me and call me pathetic. “So...what is it?” He asked. “Welllllllll... Anna Martinez just texted me...and I’m not sure if I should reply or...” Xavier just looked at me. “Uhhh...ok,” No advice? Since when does Xavier not have good advice?! * Sigh * This is gonna be a long night…

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