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March 18, 2010
By CaliJayGrl8 BRONZE, L.A., Ohio
CaliJayGrl8 BRONZE, L.A., Ohio
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Chapter 1
As I look upon his face, searching for the passion in his eyes, I realize that he has moved on after all that we have been through. The ups, the downs, the hate, and all the love. The thought of it being over makes me cry right in front of him. Then I hear him say, “Izzy, why are you crying? I’m here and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

So I run. Out of his arms, away from his embrace, and leave him standing there. I look back to that spot under the tree, I see him, standing there looking hurt and confused. I sit upon the hot sidewalk during this warm summer’s day as I go back to remember the first day we met, hoping that I might have chance to remember everything and possibly change what happened to him and I.

Well let’s back this up a little for, so that hopefully it will all make sense.
First of all my name is Isabella, Izzy for short. I used to live in the all seasoned Ohio, but my parents moved me out here, to Florida. Don’t get me wrong, I love the heat and the beach only being ten short minutes away from my house, but I miss my old friends and my former love interest, Ethan. That was his name. He told me that we were going to be together forever, but let’s just say it didn’t end very well. It was a terrible breakup over something so serious that I could not bare to speak to him again. And then we moved, away from him, away from my friends. He didn’t even show at my surprise going away party. D*****.

I’m a sophomore in high school too, unfortunately. But the summer is almost here, two weeks away. Finally. These last few weeks of the torture that they call high school are almost over. It’s just a bore sitting there in a hot sweaty classroom looking at the stuck up snobs called “populars”. Oh well, they’re no big deal to me, but to everyone else, they are the in crowd, the Queens and Kings of the sophomore class here at Tampa Vista. But I just push them out of my mind and the school day just blows by.

Putting the “populars” aside, here at Tampa Vista we are all put into a social class the first day we arrive no matter what, it’s stupid, yeah I know. Well I was greatly put into the outsiders slash wannabes. Of course I’m being sarcastic. It’s just typical high school, I guess, but no one seems to care cause I still get noticed. I get noticed by my look and how I play sports, I think the “populars” just are threatened by me, or maybe because I turned down Zeke Howares for a date to homecoming when I first got here.

Well, another day another evil “popular”.

That’s the slogan my friends and I go by. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention them! Well I have two girl best friends and a best guy friend. Their names are: Ashland (Ash for short), Grace (Gracie), and Derrick (Or as I call him, Dare). They’ve been put into the same ‘social class’ system as I have and we are just like those people you see in movies. You know, the one’s who have sleepovers, tell each other everything, and help through the depressing break ups. Out of all of them, I still chose not to find a new love interest because of what happened between Ethan and I. But they all have been through the butterfly stage and then the lovie dovie dating stage.

Well tomorrow’s the last day of this dreadful school year, and my end-of-school-year party is going to be tomorrow and I can’t wait! But the only bad thing about tomorrow is sitting through an 8-hour day at school. Great. Nothing and when I say nothing I truly and soulfully mean nothing, interesting ever happens here. Well ever since I got here, anyway.
Chapter 2

I go home, right after school, after saying bye to my friends. I feel so alive as I drive with car top down and my dirty-blonde hair blowing in the wind. Plus my sixteenth birthday present, my baby blue Bug Convertible that I just recently got, rides so smooth. It’s like, as if I’m riding on smooth water. Then I get to my home, the house that I’ve only been living in for about a year now. I mean it’s a total upgrade from what we used to have, pool and all, but it just reminds me of a Beverly Hills type of thing.

As I pull into the drive, my mom, Carol, greets me with a wave to come inside with a warming smile. When I get inside I find my dad, John, is sitting on the couch watching Sports Center, a typical afternoon at my house. Then my mother brings me into the kitchen and she looks like she needs to tell me something.

“Isabella, baby, do you like it here in Florida? Cause if you want we can move back to Ohio,” she says. I gasp, gasp for air. I’m so shocked by this, I mean the only reason we moved was because of her huge job promotion as a wedding planner and now she’s asking me if I like it here? “Yeah mom, I’m totally fine with living here, but are you okay,” I reply, because I am fine with living here, I mean I have good friends and a nice life. But I am curious to hear her reply. She was the one, after all, who asked me the question. “Yes, I love it here, I was just making sure you were okay with it,” she states.

I just nod and go to my room, where I automatically pull out my drawing pad and begin to sketch.

I sketch what usually comes to my mind. One day it will be a lonely sad girl by a pond crying and the next a beautiful sunshine over the Amazon Rainforest or the Brooklyn Bridge. So I just begin to sketch a boy, but not just any boy, my dream boy that is almost like a man. A tall muscular boy with brown alluring eyes, a mysterious grin, wavy brown hair, and a voice (even though I can’t hear it when I draw) that brings me in and tells me sweet nonsense. The kind of nonsense that is so sweet that I believe it and love every word of it.

Chapter 3

So now it’s the last day of school, and no parties for me like they had in Preschool or Kindergarten. Totally not fair. RING! I really do hate that morning bell because it means two things: seeing the stupid “populars” in my first period and school beginning.

When I get into first period, I see that my bestie Ash saved me a seat next to her, like she always does. So I walk by the “populars”, ignoring their comments about me and take my seat. After sitting through seven boring periods of the day I have no hope for 8th period gym to bring me the slightest bit of joy. But as I walk into my gym class I found a surprise. A new kid. Correction, a new boy. Another correction, a cute new boy.

I get that palm sweaty feeling as his gaze meets mine and it feels like, as if we were alone in a field of daisies. Then I notice him begin to walk towards me and then another shock occurred. Angela, the most popular of the “populars”, stops the new kid and tries to make a conversation. Flipping her hair and using that fake laugh of hers are mainly what’s she’s ‘famous’ for, but it doesn’t seem to work on the new kid. He makes his way towards me, still holding my gaze tight to his with those deep, brown, warm eyes of his.

“Hi there,” he speaks to me. Angela gasps.

I come back with a cute and flirtatious but smart reply, “Hi yourself.” He grins. A soft, mysterious, handsome grin. “I will, besides what’s your name,” he speaks again. I hesitate to answer, trying to think of yet another smart reply but I just say, “Isabella, Izzy for short.”

“Izzy? Izzy. Izzy,” he repeats my name, it sounds so much better hearing his sweet mysterious voice say it. Then he observes me, closely, like he’s known me forever. But that’s almost impossible. Then he says, “Yes, you most definitely are an Izzy. And my name is Aiden, I thought I should tell you cause you looked curious.”

Ha. I giggle a little because it’s so true; I wanted to know his name. Then I observe him the same way that he observed me. “Yes, you do look like an Aiden. Nice to meet you. So where did you move here from,” I reply. “California. Los Angeles to be more precise,” he states. Then we hear the whistle of the gym teacher and that means boys and girls split up, so he walks back over to the boys group.

As I walk back to the girl’s line, I notice two things: 1. The evil “popular” Angela staring me down as if I stole something of hers. It looks like she wants to b**** slap me over and over. 2. And Gracie looking at me like I’m super lucky.

“Girl you got it bad,” she giggles as I stand next to her, “plus he can’t keep his eyes off of you!” I look at her like she’s crazy, but she’s not. His sweet eyes meet mine again, and I feel the passion of those alluring eyes sink into my skin, then my blood, and eventually to my heart, which just continues to beat faster.

“His name’s Aiden and he is so hot!” I say to her all excited while I blush.

And just before I’m about to speak again she points at him and says, “He’s looking at you again,” she smiles at me and continues, “and he giving you a very mysterious grin.” “I don’t know if I should be doing this, after all that happened between Ethan and I,” I say doubting it before anything occurs. I remember that moment, that moment where he held me dear and told me lies, sweet lies that I listened to and believed. I can’t believe I listened to him. I, I was just so stupid.

Taking my mind away from the past and focusing on the present. So I look. Look for him. Seconds later I found him and I look at him. He looks familiar, very familiar.
Chapter 4

So I walk out of gym searching, for Aiden. Longing to have a conversation about him and I and what we have in common and what not.

“Looking for me,” a handsome mysterious voice says as the guy covers my eyes.

I giggle. I know it’s him, it has to be Aiden. I can smell his sweet essence of Abercrombie and Fitch cologne and I begin to smile. So I turn around and I wait before I speak. Then he removes his hands from my face and I open my blue eyes.

“Actually I was looking for you,” I reply as I look into his warm brown eyes. When I look into them I feel as if I can, I can see into his soul, his whole life. I feel like I want to know behind the mystery of this new boy. This Aiden. “Ha. I was looking for you too, Izzy,” he says. Then he continues, “We should hang out and you know get to know each other.” “Well I’m having an end-of-the-school year party tonight if you want to come by,” I say hoping he’ll say yes. Then before I can say another word he replies, “Okay, it’s a date then. Here’s my number so you can give me a ring.” He hands me the piece of notebook paper with his number on it. So instead of replying I write him a little note.


Wear or bring your swim trunks and if you don’t mind can you bring your sweet and hot personality too? :) 34 Palm Street. 7:30 can’t wait!
-Izzy :)

After I give him the note, I just stand there and wait till he’s finished reading. I see him smile at the note; he must’ve liked what I wrote. Then he gazes up at me, our eyes meet (that seemed to happen a lot today), and he leans in and gives me a warm kiss on the cheek. The warmth of his lips meeting my face, it sends a tingly sensation through my body. So he smiles and walks away.
Chapter 5

I immediately run to Gracie’s locker where I see her, Dare, and Ash. I can’t wait to spill about what just happened.
“Hi Izzy, what’s new,” Dare says to me as I finally stopped running down the hall.

With excitement, I reply, “Oh-em-gee! The new kid just liked kissed me on the cheek! So hot.” Gracie gives me this look, this look that is full of happiness and surprisingly some jealousy. I don’t understand why she would be jealous; I mean she’s basically talking to Dare her whole life! Well besides when she dated that jerk-faced loser from Mango, Florida. It wasn’t that bad of a “long distance” relationship because Mango is only 30 minutes away by car. Anyway, she just looks at me and says, “That is so totally cute! Are you to going to hang out soon?”

“Well he’s coming to my party tonight, I figured we could all bring dates, and he’s kind of my date,” I reply wondering what she’ll say next. “Okay, Dare, do you want to go with me, you know as friends,” Gracie asks. Then Dare replies, “Yeah, sounds fun.”

“I could always ask the surfer hottie that I’ve been talking to for a few weeks to go with me,” Ash says. So then I reply to all of my best friends, “Okay I’ll just see you all there later tonight at 7:30. Oh and yeah don’t forget to bring your swim suits!”

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I just started typing thoughts and ideas, and it just began to flow.

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