His Love Is Not Returned

March 17, 2010
By brittbritt1129 BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
brittbritt1129 BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
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She’s sitting on the floor rubbing at her eyes trying to stop the tears from rolling, falling off of her face. It seems like the more she rubs the more her tears come but she has to make sure that he doesn’t see her crying like a pained child. she hears his foot steps and tries to put her happy face on but she knows her tears will give her away. He walks in and sees her face...now she’s wincing...waiting for his horrible words to pierce through her soul and hurt her more. He says nothing he just stands there and stares at her. He walks over to her bed and pats it waiting for her to sit next to him.

She gets up cautiously and sits as far away from him as possible on the bed. He smiles and reaches up to touch her face where the black and blue bruise is. She tries to pull away but he grabs her arms and holds on tight. It hurts but she knows not to move she knows not to anger him. He puts his face next to her ear and whispers to her. She whispers of love, happiness, and everlasting joy. She knows not to believe him though he’s said this all before but he’s never shown it.

He asks her if she loves him and she forces herself not to speak. He cups her face in his hands and gently forces her face up and making her look into his kind brown eyes. He asks her again in a whisper and she closes her eyes trying to remember when she was happy to be with him. “No” she whispers back “I don’t love you…not anymore”. She sees his face harden, watches his nostrils flare.

She notices that his kind brown eyes were now full of fury and hatred. He smacks her and pushes her down on the floor forcefully. “See what you make me do, why wont you say that you love me “ he screams. He walks out angrily and leaves her there alone and hurt. She knows she could stop her pain and torment just by saying wants he wants but she wont say that she loves him when she knows that she doesn’t. So she begins rubbing her eyes again feeling her painful tears start to trickle down her bruised cheeks, knowing that he‘ll be coming back to hurt her again.

The author's comments:
All I know is that I had an urge to write. I didn't know what I wanted to write about all I know is that I wanted to write about something...anything. I would start to type then I would erase it and start all over again. I have no idea how this came out as the final product but i'm proud of it. I hope that everyone likes it!

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