The Observer

March 16, 2010
By Anonymous

A young girl sat in a corner, alone. In the dim light of her chosen refuge, her small frame was barely visible.
There she sat, unnoticed by many and ignored by the rest. She was easy to ignore, being neither hideously ugly nor strikingly beautiful. She was instead, merely pretty. She had straight dark hair, a determined chin, an average complexion, high cheek bones, an ordinary nose, a mouth that was just a little too wide, and intense brown eyes.
The expression in those eyes, her one truly beautiful feature, was a curious mixture of amusement and scorn.
She watched the scene unfold before her, mocking the assembly, a twisted smile upon her face. They were all so predictable. She knew them well, they were far from complicated. She had come to know each of them by sitting silently, observing from afar. She knew their pride, their selfishness, their hatred of outsiders. They were despicable! How she loathed them, every last one of them. A white hot fury burned in her soul, she took a shaky breath. She would wait; she would make herself be patient. Their pride would lead to their destruction and she would witness their ruin. One by one they would fall until they were nothing but a haunting memory.
A vicious look spread across her face and those beautiful eyes were marred by the bitter hatred that shone from within their depths. But her eyes betrayed another emotion, one more powerful even than hatred, it was fear.

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Rivkin37 said...
on Mar. 31 2010 at 11:39 am
Wow, this is an awesome poem! I love the way the author discribes the young girls feelings towards the assembly! Good job anonymous! 

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