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March 15, 2010
By SadieJayy BRONZE, Lamar, Missouri
SadieJayy BRONZE, Lamar, Missouri
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13 years ago today, 3-15-1997, my mum gave birth to a little boy. A little boy who was born early, a little boy who could fit into the palm of her hand, a little boy who the doctors thought wouldn't live.

He had to be put into intensive care and the doctor had told my mum that he may not survive the night even though he was hooked up to alot of machines. But still then my mum didn't give give up, she wouldn't give up, on him. My mum had help with money from different organisations to help with gas money so she could come to the hospital and see him. She came to see him every single day.

About three months had passed and you wouldn't believe what happened. The little boy who wasn't supposed to make it through the night was going home! My mum was absolutely thrilled she was finally going to take her little boy home. But while she was preparing things to take him home the doctor pulled her aside and told her something, something that gave her an un-easy feeling in her stomache."He won't live to be a teenager." That's what the doctor told my mum. I think that would be a horrible thing for my mum to hear, a horrible thing for anyone to hear.

Through out his life it was hard, there were many struggles that went along with having a speacial needs child, But it was all worth it. My little brother has always been my best friend. But in his younger years i was called "gee gee" because he didn't know how to say Sadie yet.

Everything was speacial about him. He had to go to a speacial school and ride a speacial bus. Back then I thought it was cool, he got to ride in a "bike" (wheel chair) and got to ride a little bus. But as i got older I realised everything was harder for him. He couldn't go out and play like the rest of us. But he had a movie collection that reminded me of a movie gallery! He got to make a wish from the "make a wish foundation" he got tons of movies and a new big screen tv! he loved it, it was,and i quote, "just like going to the movies!"

Lets skip forward a little, to the dat 3-15-2010.

That is exactly 13 years from the day that little boy was born, a date he wasn't supposed to live to see.

But today that little boy, my brother Caleb, had an amazing 13th birthday! It was so much fun! He got a bunch of new movies and had a awsome power ranger birthday cake! Alot of the family came over for the party, it was alot of fun. It was a very amazing 13th birthday party!

Caleb went against all odds today and proved everyone wrong. It's a miracle.

God was watching over Caleb that first night in the hospital and he hasn't stopped.

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