Chasing your car...

March 19, 2010
By sassymeforever333 SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
sassymeforever333 SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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Don't drive away. Stop. Why are you leaving? The experience of your car driving down the road...away from an experience I'd rather not endure. The image still haunts me tonight in my sleep. Almost like a mother abandoning her child in a way. Ok..maybe not that bad. But to me it is. Like someone throwing their kitten out into the streets. even that was a worse experience for me. But the second I saw your car pull out of the parking lot, and it's wheels not turning backwards... It's not like the song. I can't chase your car.
You hug me. Give me a special gift. Let me look at your beautiful face. Then you walk out the door. Like I can even take that? When I lay here...I always wish you were here laying with help me forget the world. But day my day..your car roams in other places. Not to touch base with me. I sometimes wonder if you vanished...dissapeared somewhere. Maybe you forgot me. Maybe I'm no longer important to you. Maybe you were always just a dream and something I desired. Something I'd always longed for.
But no...because I hear the reving of your car engine. Then again..that could just be the sound of my heart pounding hard. The propensity of wanting that "something" to be there even if it's not. Ok...the problem is you're real. If you're real then it's just bound to bring tears from my eyes. And if you're just part of my imagination I could get rid of you in a I wouldn't have to be the way I feel anymore. But I guess it's good if I can at least have you in my thoughts and dreams, since I can't have you here physically.
I need you to take a detour. Drive I can see you again. I need you to be here so I can forget everything. Before we get too old..
When I'm with you my eyes become yours and I see everything perfectly and beautifully. And my mind becomes like yours. I see everything in a positive and happy way. Nothing could go wrong when I'm with you. You know...I couldn't really waste time chasing your car. I will chase and chase and chase until your car gives out. And there's nothing else you can do but come back to me.

The author's comments:
This writing I did was based on the song "Chasing Cars" by snow patrol...that song very much relates to me.

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