Sampson's Desert Journey

March 19, 2010
By Sonny555 PLATINUM, Oyster Bay, New York
Sonny555 PLATINUM, Oyster Bay, New York
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In the hot and arid desert of the Australian land, sat a young boy of about twelve, who was sipping his water, and watching the clouds go by. The sand in the desert matched the boy’s skin, which was barely lighter than his dirty blonde hair. A smaller boy of about no older than eight ran up to him. That boy looked nothing like his older brother with his dark brown hair and glasses.

“Sampson, it’s time to go,” said the small boy shaking his brother’s shoulder.
“Can’t I stay a little longer Luca?” asked Sampson.
“No now,” cried Luca, “Mom and Dad said we have to.”
Sampson ignored him.
“Fine,” said Luca angrily. “We’ll leave without you.”
Luca left and Sampson sat still. Not long after his family left did his feel guilty of ignoring Luca. He got up and left. He traveled around that area to find his family. He traveled around that area to find his family. No luck. Sampson wept as he walked across the desert; no sign of his family. He was no longer crying once he found a woman on a camel. She was tall with long, red hair and dressed in safari attire.
“Can I help you?” she asked Sampson in a strong Australian accent.
“I can’t find my family,” said Sampson miserably. “They left and drove off without me. Could you take me to them?”
“No problem honey,” said the woman. “I’ll take you.” She reached out her hand, and Sampson grabbed it. She helped him up and before he knew it. He was sitting on the camel.
“What is your name?” asked the woman.
“Sampson Campbell,” said Sampson.
“I’m Maria,” said the woman.
Maria took Sampson around the desert. There was no sign of his family. At last though, there was a honk. Sampson turned around; the car turned out to be the Campbell’s car.
“My family!” Sampson cried happily as he turned around. “It’s them.”
Sampson hopped off the camel, and ran to the car.
“Thanks Maria. Bye.”
Sampson got into the backseat of the car. He was happy to back with his family again.

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