Brooklyn Heights series 1 (Missing pieces)

March 11, 2010
By shanluv24slime BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
shanluv24slime BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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It was soft more year starting the year was a change and that change was to find me a boyfriend. Someone who mature and sweet not no stupid jacka** who treat me wrong.

"Hey girl whats up? so you ready for your first day." Jasmine said. "yeah I'm ready." I said.

Me and jasmine have been friends for so many years. She not popular but she cool and she a real person that I can talk to and that I can talk to her about anything but sometimes it time for to understand something. She brown with long hair and brown eyes. but she a little over weight but hey she cool I wish people know her like I know her.

"I can't wait to start this year especially the boys." I said. "you mean the senior boys?" Jasmine said.

"You have read my mind." I said, " I don't want no broke down n**** who don't know how to act right I want an older mature man." I said.

"uh oh someone is in that grown women status already." Jasmine said.

" well I don't about that but I just was a boy that can treat me right." I said.

As We walked down the hall I saw a cute fine boy passing by he had braids on with his straight hair line. He light skin and has some nice juicy pink lips and he really tall. He has nice soft brown eyes that you couldn't stop looking at. I couldn't help but stare.

"Girl you alright?" Jasmine said. "yeah I'm fine but I can't help it who he?" I asked.
"oh That Derrick Jones he in the senior football team." She explained. "He cute I want to talk to him be right back." I said.

I walked up to him as he was reading a book in his hand. " Hey umm do you know where the home room is?" I asked. I know where it is it just that I want to talk to him it like a plan I have on my sleeves.

"Oh it at the second floor to your right." He said. "Do you want to walk with me there." I said.

" Ight." He said and walked with me to Home room. I gave Jasmine a thumbs up behind to him.

As we was walking down the hall we started talking. "Hey whats your name?" I asked. "Names Derrick." He said.

"Oh well I'm Keisha." I said.

He looked at me and then kept on walking something about that I really like.

"You look cute." He said. "Oh thank you." I said and began to blush hard.

As we finally came to home room."Well I better get into class." I said. "wait can I get your number so I can call you sometime?" He asked as he smiled.

He has pearly white teeth and his smiles make me blush and nervous. "OK I said. I went through my book bag pull out my sidekick and save in his number and I gave him my number.
" See you later." He said.

" See you too." I said. I had a great first day I finally find the boy of my dream.

The author's comments:
what inspire me to write this piece was to write about teen books and how it like as being a teen. And I want people to relate the experience the books that i read.

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