A Love So Sweet (Ch. 2)

March 11, 2010
I walked into the crowded coffee shop on Fourth Avenue, and sat down in my usual spot by the window. “Joe’s Cup O’ Joe” was run by my uncle and had been up and running for over thirteen years. He had decided to name the shop after himself and obviously, “Joe’s Cup O’ Joe,” was a straight sell out. I opened my lap top, logged on and waited to see if any of my friends were logged in.

“Hello Darling what can I get you? The usual?” asked Hope, the waitress who always knew what I wanted, when I wanted it. I had a feeling that at any moment, she would blow a bubble with her gum, pop it, and then start chewing it noisily.

“Oh, hello Hope,” I began, “Yes, I’ll have the…”

“Don’t worry Faith, I know what you want,” Hope said, “You’ve come here every day since the fourth grade, and you think I don’t know what you like on your mocha? Humph! I feel betrayed!”

At that Hope stomped off towards the counter to make my beverage.
Ding Dong Ding Dong!

The bell above the door clanged loudly and announced the arrival of a customer. I felt a cool breeze wash over me as I turned to look at who had just come in. There was a very pretty girl standing in the doorway. She had bleach blonde hair that she wore in short pigtails. If she had worn it down, it wouldn’t have been much below her shoulders. She had bright blue and pink streaks along the outer edge or her bangs, which were cropped and razor cut along her face. She wore denim skinny jeans, blue converse, and a purple shirt. I smiled when I read the text on her shirt, which said “Who have you hugged today?” My thoughts were interrupted as Hope brought me my mocha.

“Here you are Faith, the usual. Ya’ know hon, you really should change it up some every once in a while. The usual mocha, the usual hairstyle, and the usual make up. Doesn’t it get kind of old? Put a little spice and spunk in your life Faith! In fact! Have a little faith in yourself. I mean, after all that is your name,” said Hope with a wink.

Thankfully, before Hope could go on much further and give me the “I Have a Dream” speech, the girl who had walked in a few minutes ago came over.

“Hello Hope! How are you today?” She said ecstatically.

“Oh! Hello Adrial! I’m doing just fine. How are you today? Isn’t this a weird coincidence! Here I am talking to Faith, telling her she needs to have a little faith in herself, when last week you were telling me to have some hope in myself. Well I’ll be darned!” Hope chuckled to herself jovially as she walked off to the counter.

“So you’re the Faith that she was talking about? Cool! My name is Adrial as you already know,” she said while sticking out her hand for me to shake.

I took her hand, and shook it gingerly. I noticed her nails were perfectly cut and painted black. They weren’t salon nails like Grace had, but to me, they were better by far. She sat down across from me, leaned back nonchalantly, and tilted her head a little.

“So you go here to Brentley High right?”

“Yep I’m a brand new freshman! What about you? I’ve never seen you around here. Do you go to Brentley or are you a rival of ours?” I asked curiously with one eyebrow raised.

“I’m not a rival, trust me. I go to Brentley now because I moved here two weeks ago. My sister, Elaina, moved me up here. We used to live in Chicago, but we were in a really bad neighborhood and Elaina got scared so we moved here to Brentley,” she said with a warm smile.

I noticed an email pop up on my computer screen. It was from my friend, Elise.

Hey hon I just wanted to remind you to get your notes prepared for the test tomorrow. Don’t forget! You can use a four by four note card! Have a good day and give me a call later. ILY!


I typed a quick thanks to her and pressed the send button. When I reached to take a drink of my mocha, I realized that it was already gone. I glanced at the clock, did a double take, and then gasped.

“Oh no! I have to get home!” I exclaimed frantically, “My parents will kill me if I’m late!”

I started to shove all of my belongings into my messenger bag, when I heard Adrial laugh.

I placed my hands on my hips and tilted my head, “What’s so funny? Why are you laughing?”

“Oh my goodness! Faith, hon, please tell me you’re not planning on walking home.”

“Well… Uhhh… Yeah… I mean I don’t have a car or anything…”

“Come on. Elaina and I can give you a ride home,” Adrial laid a neatly folded five dollar bill on the table and led me out the door. I gasped with awe as she brought me to a stop next to a fire red Mustang. It was one of the most beautiful cars I had ever seen, and I had seen a lot of cars considering my Dad collects them. I was startled out of my reverie as a voice behind me spoke.

“You like it? I just got it,” it was a girl of about seventeen. She had dark brown hair with a single blue streak down the front. I could tell that she was related to Adrial.

“Yeah I do. It’s beautiful…” I couldn’t stop staring at the car.

“Hey Elaina, can we give Faith a ride? She really needs to get home,” asked Adrial politely.

“Well of course!..”

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ChowD This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Mar. 18, 2010 at 10:30 pm
I love your style! It is very unique. And so warming. But you missed Charity... Faith, Hope, and Charity!
Guess what? my name's Charity :)
Keep doing what you do!
DanceBabyDance replied...
Nov. 8, 2010 at 2:47 pm
Haha well thank you! And i love the name Charity! I'll definitely try and fit the name in somewhere!
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