The Waiting

March 11, 2010
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Waiting for this is like waiting to give a big speech that really can affect your grade for the class. You’re nervous about it and you want it to come and get it over with, but at the same time in your gut you don’t want it to ever come, and you would be just fine with that. The letter she gave him reads on the top of it, ‘I love you so so much’ and he wants to keep reading the letter but the teacher keeps talking and he doesn’t want everyone or anyone else to see his own personal letter written just for him and his eyes only. The chance is open for her words to be looked over by his eyes and his alone, but only a few more lines could be read with the short opportunity that has arisen for him.

“So Brian, you look good today, all dressed up and everything, how come?” asked the girl that was sitting next to him in the class.

“Well we have our last wrestling match tonight so we have to dress up, especially for senior night and all. You should come watch us tonight; we want everyone that can come to be there.”

“Well I do have basketball-”

“I know, we have to wait to set up everything because you are using the court for practice, Monica.” as he chuckled at the thought.

“I just might have to make it then,” Monica said.

He knew she wasn’t going to come because wrestling is just one of those sports that if you liked it at all you came but if you didn’t you had no desire to arrive to support your fellow classmates. But that wasn’t what was on his mind at all; the letter was what he really wanted to read. Yes, the teacher just gave the class work time, here is his opportunity.

What is really on his mind is the fact that he is leaving. The author of the note knows that, and they both know that they have the big decision to make when that horrible September day comes. The note was written in red pen, and this note was like all the others that he dreamed on getting that she gave to him, with how much she loves him and how much she cares about him. They were both going through the same thoughts in there minds about what to do when the time comes. When the day of there departure comes, which just so happens to be the day after her seventeenth birthday. See he is two years older then the love of his life, but when he leaves she has to stay. Where he is going there is no one to come with him, he is alone, but not alone at the same time. He is leaving her, but he will make friends, and she will go back to her friends, but the loneliness of not having the one he loves the most will be hard on him. She says that she has the same feelings for him but he doubts that. With all the love that he has for her, he can’t even imagine that anyone could feel the same way about someone, not even her. He will miss the her warm hugs that he receives after a cold morning at work and the soft kisses that he gets on his, what she says, pudgy cheeks.

He doesn’t know why he is thinking these thought, because the time of departure is more then eight months away, but it is the waiting that is really getting to him. Will they be done, even though they are so happy together and both feel very strongly about each other, or will they stay together and wait the horrible time they are apart out and wait for him to get back? He is only gone for three months at first but who knows how long after that.

Then he reads the last line of the note, ‘I will always love you, I will wait for you for when you return, I love you so much I will be here for you always and forever. I’m proud of why you are leaving and you should be too. I love you so much, I’ll be here for you.’ Now the warm feeling comes over him as if he just pulled out a big sweater from the dryer and put it on right away. Now he knows that the love they have for each other will conquer the separation they will have without one another. This makes him feel better now for when he leaves for the United States Marine Core in a few months. Now he has reasons to return home.

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bilbogirl said...
Apr. 2, 2010 at 7:29 pm
BEautiful and sweeet, but so very sad at the same time. I love it!
ksums replied...
Apr. 13, 2010 at 5:31 pm
thank you, i just wish more people would read it
ksums said...
Mar. 19, 2010 at 10:20 am
very close to my heart. I hope more of you really like it.
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