last kiss in the rain

March 10, 2010
By serena SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
serena SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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i jumped off the top of the jungle gym, the rain pidder pattered on the pavement, looking around quikly. warm arms in a black and gray sweater wrapped behind me " the cookie monster" he whispered in my ear. his black wet soaked hair wet my cheek. i turned around kissing him gently, pulling away luaghing lightly as he reached for my hands.

i said quikly
"the answer?"
"oh right umm what was the quiestion again?"
"what does R equal?"
i shrugged my shoulders. if she didnt want me day dreaming maby she shouldnt put me bye the window.
"we've been doing this for the past 2 weeks calberta."
-the bell rang loudly-
"ok your dismissed, cal, i want to speak with you for a moment."
i gathered my books in slow motion and walked up to her desk.
"can you explain to me whats going on?"
"with what"
"well your grades are droping like crazy, as if they wernt bad enuff to start off with, u started with A's and C's and now all you have is a couple D's and F's"
"ive just been a little busy."
"well i want you to speak with the councelor 9th period today."
" i done"
"yes you may leave"
"ok see ya."
I walked down the hall as my ex boyfriend walked by "hey!"
"hey haha"

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