Little Planet still turns

March 10, 2010
By Patricia-Tanewasha BRONZE, Warmsprings, Oregon
Patricia-Tanewasha BRONZE, Warmsprings, Oregon
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I was conceived in a haunted house; well that’s what my mom told me. At first I thought it was just why? Eventually I just laughed about the whole matter. She was young, and now I am young. But me being young was different of course its different for everyone but I thought why can’t we all put our differences together to make it better. You know what I am saying. Mom was single most of my life until she met him he worked for her but lets just say love made her blind.

For me he was different for the first time in my life I woke up to not such a pretty place and that place was my very own that my mom has worked hard for. He just made my earth shake and caused some drastic weather changes. But I managed to live and look like the pretty globe that I am. It was a making me tougher kind of thing what doesn’t brakes you it’ll make you.

But love was very plentiful all but the love of a true daddy. My friends all had a daddy but some of us just never knew or understood what it meant. So I just put up with the occasional earthquakes and drastic weather. But when the sun came out I played with him and pretended so mom wouldn’t worry and that’s what he wanted. She worked very hard and still does this day.

Looking back I am aware of what I want and what no kids ever deserves to go through ever. Days I wished that I could be stamped an mailed to this place were nothing bad ever happened to the good. So sitting their all I could think of was being stamped and mailed off.

That day never came, and I managed to adjust and guess when he would be ready to shake me like the earth. One nose bleed here another one their, and a cold shower for not listening was apart of my usual regimen of life. Eventually the lip was busted open; he simply put a band-aid over it and said it was an accident. But no band aid was made for a little girl whose life was just filled with earth shakes and drastic weather.

But one day it was too good to be true way to good no earth shake or drastic weather in fact it was good and sunny for the first time in my life well at least I can remember. Too good to be true was what I thought. Given chocolate on a sunny day well it melts, but this was white chocolate and it melted fast like the day filled with sun and shine.

“What did you do you stupid little girl!?” I thought he would just brush it off like you know you would get it that a 6 year old didn’t mean to get your car dirty with chocolate it was just an accident. Looking at him when I was sitting I wished I was stamped and sent to that one place.

A hurricane entered my planet and disrupted my life; traumatic damage was caused to my planet and my people. All I can remember was bang, bang, plow, lightning and showers of cold rain. The damage was done and no warning was given, not even relief help. Till this day that hurricane was the worst of the worst.

When the sun shined, the earth didn’t smile or rotate on its axis. Little planet as we new it was looking towards an end. Sunshine shined so strong that little planet was making it mentally but physically sunshine questioned about the damage. Little planet was afraid to mention the hurricane, and well the moon questioned it too.

Sunshine sat little planet down and looked at her, little planet looked at the sun then eventually gave her a hug filled with confusion and pain. “What happened sweetie! What did he do to you?!!” Maybe sunshine was catching on to what little planet has been hiding for so long too long.

“Mommy I’m sorry!” tears flew from the skies of my clouds filling inside me eventually causing a flood. She just looked at me and wondered just looking and looking. I think she wonders till this day how could she not have known what was going on behind those closed doors.

At the hospital questions were being asked about why I have bruises and who hit me. All questions being asked and my mom didn’t even know the answer just that her little girl is surviving with a world filled with shakes and drastic weather. Once looked back at the earth, and would earth ever to turn on its axis?

“Little Earth its not your fault this has happened I should have known this was going to happen. It hurts me inside to see that you think this is all your fault.” My earth is working together to get through this it will take a while but sunshine is here to show me the light. Eventually Sunshine questioned the finger pointing wannabe and asked if a little girl deserves to go through what a child never deserves to go through.

Later one when little earth is fully repaired earth looks back and wishes that the finger pointing is doing better in life. But mostly little earth reminds other planets that its not their fault hurricanes happen to them at all. There is now warning for hurricanes for these special planets just severe damage and lost of rotation on an axis.

The author's comments:
Life when I was younger was challenging, it just made me tougher.

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