New Life

March 9, 2010
By Anonymous

The cold wind brushed against my face. I could not go back. No one would care that I was gone. I needed to get away. I needed to be cared about and I needed to have a home. (Repetition for effect) I am leaving this town for good!
A few towns over was a small town where no one would look for me. It’s a small run down town I could find an abandoned building and live there. Building. No one will ever know. First, my identity would have to be changed.
The town was just as I pictured it. Lots of old buildings. It was very old fashioned, but it was comforting. It did not make me feel lonely. The town was like a place where the sun always shone.
I found an old building, a dark wonder that no one would go in. (Appositive) The building was old and dusty it would need a lot of cleaning up. ( enviroment) Now, all I had to do was enroll for school. I called the school pretending to be an adult. The lady who answered was kind and seemed to believe me, so I was in.
On the first day of school, I was wearing a pink shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. My hair was perfectly straight. I looked perfect, just how I liked it. (Appearance) I walked in to the office to get my schedule. “Name, the lady asked very unpleasant.
“Lucy pumpernickel” I answered so she would believe me.
She looked up at me and handed me a piece of paper “Here is your schedule I just finished scheduling it,” (Absolute) then she waved her hand at me to leave.
I got to my first hour door, took a deep breath in and opened the door. Every one looked right away. Shivering and shaking, I stood there. (Participle) I felt all the eyes darting at me.(How others React) The tall teacher, knowledgeable and kind, saved me. (Adj. out of order) “You must be Lucy. Am I right?” I nodded. “Great, we are happy to have you here. You can sit next to Grace.”
She stared at me periodically in class. Every time I caught her she pretended like she was not looking. All the other hours seemed to go the same. People stared at me. I caught them; they looked away and so on.
The hardest part of the day came. Lunch. I walked in the lunchroom and I could already see all the groups. I had no idea where to sit. This could be where I sit for a long time. Then Sally from my math class came up to me. “Hi Lucy. Do you want to sit with us?” “Sure,” I told her with a big smile. She introduced me to everyone. Then I saw Grace from my first hour. She still kept staring at me, yet we all seemed to be getting along well.
All was going great. No one knew my secret. I had made lots of good friends. One day when I was going into the bathroom, I heard Grace talking to Sally.
“I don’t know about Lucy. She seems like she is hiding something.” “She is not,” replied Sally. “Now I have to go.” Sally walked out and didn’t see me. Unfortunately, Grace did. She gave me a you-were-not-supposed-to-hear-that look and then she ran away. (Hyphenated Modifier)
Things went on like nothing ever happened. Then, a few weeks later, Grace pulled me aside and whispered, “I know your secret.”
I stood there in shock. Oh no, I thought. She knows! What should I act like? I don’t know what she is talking about. (Thoughts and Feelings)“What do you mean?”
“You know what I mean. How you ran away and are now living in an old, abandoned building.”
“Please don’t tell anyone!” I begged. ( Character speech)
“Too late! It is going to be on the announcements.”
I did not know what to do so I ran. I ran back to the old building (Action verb(Character in action)and started to pack all of my things then all of a sudden, Sally showed up. “Hi, “ she said. I heard about your situation and talked to my parents. They said you could stay with us. Of course we would have to talk to who ever you lived with before, but what do you say? Will you live with us?”
I was speechless, but I managed to get the word “yes” out and after that every thing just fell into place and it was perfect!

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on Jun. 7 2010 at 9:29 am
i like your story!!!!!!!!!!!!

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