Food Fights and Annoying Friends

March 9, 2010

"Ewww, gross!" My friend Sally says as soon as she steps into a pile of mud. "These are new shoes!!"
We're standing on the gravel road, next to the little shack with lines of girls waitng to get in from the charging storm.
"This is the worst year ever," I complianed wishing I had on a tank top and short shorts instead of my knit sweater and sweatpants in this sticky air.
"It could be worse" said Sally, exactly when thunder rumbled in the east. We shuffled closer to the shack.
"Don't our parents care about us at all. They just left us here. Why can't I be the favorite in the fam-"
"Oh Alicia not that sad story agian. I've had to hear that for the past three weeks. At least your parents are coming back." Sally interupted.
She was right. At least I have parents that give me Christmas presents. While Sally spends time with her foster family, ever since her dad tried to commite suicide after her mother's death.
"You know what I wish?"
"What?" I say.
"I wish there were boys here." Sally exclaimed.
"Like the wicked witch of the west would ever let that happen" I laugh pointing at our head administrator.
I take a quick look around the damp forest and smell earthy-green air. It always smells that way before a storm.
Sally pulls me into the lunch line and we pick our metal trays. I set my tray down on the counter and waited for the muck that those lunch ladies call food. Note to self: Never be a lunch ladies, It will do things to your mind.
I grab a carton of milk set it on my tray and try to find a picnic table to sit at.
"There's one over there!" Sally points to a red picnic table with a bunch of bird crap and puddles of water on the seat. It didn't even look like a picnic table.
I follow Sally through the swarm of girls to the BPT( bird poop table). Once I find a spot to sit that doesn't have bird poop on it, Girls at the table behind us start fighting and throwing food. Next, this red-headed girl stand up and screams, "Food fight!" All at once girls ar throwing food every where. Thunder roared again and rain poured down soaking everyone almost instantly. Ducked under the table for cover hoping I't still clean and stuck my head into a big wad of gum. Sally wasn't as lucky as me,but I wouldn't call myselft lucky. She had rice pudding smeared into her hair and choclate milk stains all down the front of her shirt.
"This is way worse," I say.
Gawd, I hate summer camp.

The author's comments:
I've never been to a summer camp. So alot of details are left out.

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