Accidental Blessing

March 9, 2010
By KatyMcGovern BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
KatyMcGovern BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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As the car tires crunched on the gravel, Anita realized that the truck was too close to the side of the car. “Stupid Drivers!” Anita yelled as she attempted to turn the steering wheel as fast as possible to her right. Her sister sitting next to her in the passenger seat grabbed onto the door as she began to scream. “God dammit Julia! Stop screaming!” said Anita. Julia then closed her eyes and suddenly felt like she was in the air.

Anita let go of the steering wheel feeling the vibration of the car as it jerked forward into the dark. She didn’t realize until she hit the tree that was 30 feet in front of her before, that her sister Julia wasn’t in the car no longer. Anita pushed the door open to next her and crawled out of the mangled vehicle. She felt her side burn from hitting the seat belt buckle. Julia was behind the car laying face down on the moist ground beneath her. Anita struggled to pull her cell phone from her jeans pocket; her fingers trembled as she called 911.

Two hours passed. Anita sat in the ER impatiently waiting to hear news about her sister’s condition. The doctor walked out of the swinging door in front of Anita and approached her. “Excuse me, are you Julia Hannel’s sister?” the doctor asked. “Um...yes I am.” Said Anita as she stood up. “Well the good news is that she will live, but she has a broken her right leg and right arm and has a few broken ribs. We will be allowing visitors in about an hour or so. You may stay and wait or go home.” “Thank you doctor.” Anita responded.

Anita sat down again in the chair that once made her anxious but now comforted her in its loving embrace. Julia and Anita never got along well, disagreeing about everything. Not even the death of their parents and siblings several years ago created intimacy. It wouldn’t be easy caring for her; she was never a good patient. “She’ll live” Anita sighed, thankful to embrace the complexity of family and grateful she would not have to face the future alone.

The author's comments:
This is a story that i mad up in my honors english class. My mom has been to the hospital many times because of her heart issues, but i still get scarred every time.

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