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March 9, 2010
By Katie McDonald BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Katie McDonald BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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“What am I going to do?” I thought as I picked up National Geographic and waited to buy my new jeans a canteen and some plaid long sleeve shirts along with various other items in line.(Appearance of Character) I looked at the guest writer, a young girl around her age, who had written about news around the world and taken photos of historical buildings and places. I'd wanted to be a journalist ever since 5th grade. I then paid for my stuff and left. My plan to get in the magazine and travel around the world to write about different places. It would be a place where readers' can learn different cultures from around the world was already going as planned. The problem was how am I going to convince the editors to put my story in National Geographic?

I gasped as I saw a lion running after a gazelle. I took a picture and decided I could also take videos to put up on my new website I made right before I left. The safari in Africa was already turning out great! I then jotted some notes in my notebook. In my notes I wrote:

"The Safari is really fun and the people are great, I can't wait to start helping them out!"
The next day I did some video taping. I looked into the camera to find rushing water over a path where the vehicle was supposed to go. Loud noises sounded around me, I could smell rain in the air.

"Excuse me Miss," A guy yelled. "Your in my way of the view!"

"Ask someone else I'm Video Taping," I thought "This just might get me a job, a job that you probably don't have,"(Thoughts and feelings) but in stead I replied sweetly "Oh sure," and I clicked off the video camera.(Speech of Character)
I looked out again to see it starting to mist with the sun and patches of blue sky here and there, an elephant was drinking water from a pond near-by and then it started to rain. It rained harder, and harder. I had never seen it rain as hard for so long in my entire life. And after about 30 minutes we came to an abrupt stop. I could feel us slowly sinking down in the mud.

"Oh great!" the guy who had yelled at me before said.

"We'll get out," I said.

"Right," He said sarcastically giving me the move-or-your-going-to-be-dead look. He pushed in front of me to get out of the vehicle. I walked out hopping trying not to let my feet get stuck in the mud.
I smelled like a wet dog, my dirty blond hair was now brown and wet, I could hear the African boys mumbling something and I could hear John the guy who had yelled at me was now picking a fight with someone else. I then saw about 5 random, complete, total strangers walk up to help us! I wrote in my notebook then:
"Everyone helps everyone out even if you don't know them. Back in America if your car broke down about 50 cars would pass you and not one would stop to help you or see if you are okay. They are so friendly and helpful here. I LOVE it here!"

The next day was my last day so I decided to video tape. I had grown so fond of them and learning their culture, but to also know you can make a difference. Thats when I saw these scraggly, dirty looking kids who had malnutrition. I was feeling like I could do something - make a difference in someones life, feeling sad and also feeling very ignorant because I had no idea of what they were going through. I wrote in my journal then, took a ton more pictures, thanked all of the new friends I had made and left them some money, promising my return to help them and be a guest writer in a magazine so I could tell people in an article what was going on in Africa.

"Next!" Said a lady with Bushy Eyebrows, brown hair and a dark attitude.

"Uh, yes, I'm Mandy Smith, I'm here to maybe be a guest writer in your next issue. I mean I know I don't get paid and -- she cut me off.

"Go and see Julie Maynard she can help you."

"Okay, thank you!" I replied happy I got to at least go and talk to someone. I walked down an eerie hallway with pictures of the cover of each issue lined the wall. I passed several doors and then I came to hers - Julie Maynard. I took a deep breath then knocked on her door.

"Come in," Replied whom I assumed was Julie.

" Hi," I said "I'm Mandy Smith, I am here to ask or really see if I could be a guest writer in your one of your issues?" I asked sitting in a chair in front of her desk. As Julie stood up her long straight blond hair that lined her face fell into her blue eyes.

"Oh good!" She said enthusiastically we have been looking for one... she paused. "What exactly
are you going to write about?"she said. "I think I should read it first. Do you have it with you?"

"Oh... yes, hold on," I rummaged in my bag for the piece I'd written with pictures that went along with it. I handed it to her. After what seemed like a century she handed the piece back to me nodding her head. We do have a spot open about cultures and different places... would you like to take the spot?" Before I could responded she went on about the lady who had this spot and recently retired, about a week ago.

“Oh yes!” I said “Thank you so much!” I replied jumping up in down now.
Julie Stood up and shook my hand.

“Congratulations Mandy, You have the job!” She said.

“I can't thank you enough,” I replied. It was all like a dream.

“First we need your Resume to check everything. Then we will get you a desk” She said excitingly I could tell we were going to be friends in no time!

“Sounds great!” And I walked back down the Eerie hallway with the cover of each issue that lined the wall and started my new adventure. (Circle Ending)
I did return back to Africa, this time with some co-workers and some teachers and a bunch of food and clothing for them. I did an article on them on my new page in the magazine called More adventures from Mandy. I have met a lot of new friends and been to a ton of cool and amazing places.

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