No Big Deal

March 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Thinking why he was even in this situation, Jack took a seat in front of the desk. This had been the first time he was in the principal’s office. The office was cold, and the temperature just amplified the tension Jack was feeling right now. He wanted to get out, but he couldn’t.

A few minutes ago an office assistant came to class, handing Jack’s teacher a note. Third period math wasn’t his favorite class. Jack began to feel the monotony of the graphing worksheet his teacher had just handed out. Why would you ever need to know how to graph linear equations? All of this seemed rather pointless to him. Wanting to get away from class, he was surprised when his teacher handed him a note telling him to report to the principal’s office immediately. But this wasn’t a pleasant surprise, rather, far from it. Principals never meant good news, at least to him, and he dreaded the very fact of having to go down to the principal’s office.

With his heart racing and the note in hand, Jack made a slow march down to the principal’s office. The office was located on the west wing of the building, and the math class was located on the east wing. Jack found it comforting that his walk to the office was a rather far one, thus having an excuse, if it ever came up, to how long it took to travel down there. It took four minutes to walk from the math room to the office, but to his surprise, those four minutes went by rather quickly.

Jack entered the office. The principal’s room was the first room to the right as soon as you entered the office. Sluggishly, Jack made his way to the principal’s room. As he came to the room, he stood in front of the door for ten seconds. Jack finally worked up the courage to open the door. Jack turned the knob on the door. The doorknob felt like ice on his fingers making him feel nervous. Upon entering the room Jack noticed that the principal himself was not present. He took a seat on the chair closest to the principal’s desk. Suddenly, the bell rang signaling the end of third period and the start of fourth period. What Jack hated more than his math class was his fourth period social studies class. At least one good thing came out of this trip the principal’s office: missing fourth period social studies.

Jack felt trapped within the confines of the small office. He wanted to get up and run away but he knew he couldn’t. After five minutes of waiting, which seemed like eternity for Jack, the principal finally entered the room. He came to the opposite side of the desk that Jack was sitting at and took his seat. The principal greeted Jack with a warm smile, but at the same time there was a hint of sadness in his eyes. Jack had a strong feeling that what the principal was going to say wasn’t going to be good news.

“Good morning Jack,” the principal said with a rather serious tone, making Jack feel uneasy. “Sorry I kept you waiting but I was at a meeting. Now, I have something to tell you and it’s not going to be easy, so bear with me. We have just learned news of a car crash. Both your parents were in the car. Currently we have no news about the condition of your parents. I am very sorry. ”

Jack didn’t respond. He couldn’t. This sudden news about his parents hit him hard. The realization that both his parents could be hurt sank in. He felt a mix of emotions. Then, without even thinking, he stood up and rushed out of the room. Not knowing where he was going. He just wanted to get away from school. This came to be a surprise to Jack. He wouldn’t seem like the type to run out on situations like this.

After he got away from school, he decided to run home. Home was only a block away. It took him five minutes to get to the house. Tired and out of breath, Jack as I entered my house. The first thing he could think of was calling his parents. He quickly called my mom’s cell phone. No one answered. He tried to his call dad’s cell phone. Again no one answered. Jack felt distraught. Suddenly his own cell phone rang. It was his aunt who was calling him. Quickly, he opened the flip phone and answered it.

“Hi Jack,” she said with a fairly calm tone. “I am happy to tell you that your parents are ok and safe. I am here with them at the hospital.”

Jack gave a large sigh of relief. Suddenly, he felt as if a large weight had been taken off of him. Jack and his aunt talked for a few more minutes, going over the details of his parent’s accident. It turned out that a drunk driver had hit their car as they wee leaving to go shopping. It was hard for Jack to take in all of this news at once. He finally decided to go to sleep. Sleeping was one of the things Jacked liked to do when he had a lot of stress. So, Jack went to sleep for the next two hours.

When Jack woke up it was three thirty. He decided to call his aunt to see if she could take him to the hospital. She agreed to take him. 30 minutes later Jack was at the hospital with his aunt, in the room his parents were staying. They weren’t in too bad of a condition Jack thought. It was a comforting feeling to know that his parents were going to be safe and in good hands. And for now, Jack felt a sense of happiness, as his parents were okay.

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