Prophecy of the Lunar Prince (Unfinished)

March 8, 2010
By ♥Error♥ BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
♥Error♥ BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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With a blink, Alakeir vanished into the lush forest of which is overgrown, but can support life well for its purpose. As Alakeir twitched her auditives and maw, she sniffed urgently at the forest floor. Unaware of the other wolf lurking in the brush, she brushed past, without a word; just pure silence. After many moments, Alakeir raised her apex, and glanced around an increasingly small clearing that had been beaten down with wooden sticks left amongst the ground, with names carved by pocket knives into the center of the staves. The names read “Vanessa” and “Nicole”. Alakeir could clearly see one might have been carved with sharp scissors and maybe a rock or multi-tool. Then her orbs gazed over to a shrouded figure in the distance, but close enough to smell clearly and identify; it was a young girl. She flicked her auds to the side of her cranial, and strained them to decode the odd noises from the undergrowth. A she-wolf, obviously; with a sweet scent, that was known as lavender and an aroma of a fresh kill, human blood. Alakeir spooked, and flinched slightly, taken aback. My yipping and growling won’t win any fights anymore; I can’t even scare another wolf into submission these days.
Alakeir huffed and reached her crest into the brush, and pulled out a black pelt. “Arienna!” She gasped, and then it erupted into a deep snarl from her chest cavity. The aged wolf turned her gaze to her, and then swiped at her nose, causing Alakeir to release her sinister grip on her nape. “What are you doing here, dearest? I was about to make a kill! You know I don’t like to be interrupted during my stalking!” Arienna spat into her face, and she shook her apex wickedly. “You just don’t get it, do you? You shrew, get back, get away from me!” She crowed, and snapped her enamels together just near her muzzle, attempting to intimidate Alakeir. “Begone, you old, hoarse bandit!” Alakeir snarled menacingly, inching forward towards the other wolf. Arienna paced back away, until her hind quarters brushed against leaves on the debris amongst the littered earth. Arienna’s orbs narrowed, and Alakeir’s dilated with guilt.
She had spooked her into a submission based pose. Alakeir breathed heavily, heaving her ribs with each inhalation, and exhalation. “Alakeir, dear… step forth, and give me a lap or two. I’ve missed your embrace.” Arienna announced briefly afterwards. Alakeir gave her a puzzled look, but ran along with it. She pulled her snout closer with much hesitation, and gave her a loving lick on the cheek, near her mane. Arienna croaked something softly, and nuzzled in return, showing her sisterly love to her sibling. Both of their ears pricked to the sound of running. The figure from before had escaped. The silence was eerie, but was broken by loving embrace and whimpering things and what not, as if to exchange thoughts.
Arienna lifted a foundation, and stepped cautiously to her stumbling pedestals, whipping her tassel elegantly. Alakeir’s expression lay blank, as she listened to her sister’s babblings, in tune with it all. “So you actually defeated her, Enna?” Alakeir questioned, awaiting a simple reply. “Yes, Envy was collapsed on the forest floor, begging for mercy, unaware that her powers were no match for me and Midnight.” Arienna stated clearly, making Alakeir press one of her lobes to her crown. “I thought Midnight was forsaken?” “No, dear. You heard wrong. But she and Anna had new pups; I still don’t see how the two could have pups!” Arienna protested. “I know, right? How is it even possible?” “God works in mysterious ways, I do believe.” ‘’Oh gosh, Enna. Not another lecture!” Alakeir yowled angrily, not wanting to be nagged at about religion. The two continued their conversation in bliss, and then departed after a short while.
After about a half hour, Alakeir glanced around and gathered a staff in her maw, showing her stained pearl enamels. Saliva dripped from the staff, and onto the terra firma. Arienna scoffed, and slapped it from her mug. Akakeir yelped, and shook her alabaster and sorrel pelt. “Arienna, I have a question.” Alakeir’s voice rose with intensive urgency. “Yes, dearest?” Arienna replied with a slight bit of ignorance. The sun dangled above them still, falling just a bit over the horizon. “Is love real?” She questioned her older sister with patience. “Dear, why are you asking me this?” “Why do you keep saying dear? I mean really!” Arienna huffed at the comment and turned her skull to a near sequoia. Her deep ebony coat shined like the moon in the dappled sunlight of the falling fire in the sky. “I don’t know. But love is real, Ala. You just have to find it.” Arienna announced at last, though lost in thought.
“Where can I find this so called love?” Alakeir demanded, wanting to know muchly. “You have to find it, Ala. It’s hidden all over. Even Darsh gave up on me, and I have nothing now. You know all my mates, and hated all but him. Prison and the others you could easily name, but please do not.” Arienna stated endearingly. Alakeir rolled her eyes to another figure that appeared, its structure showing a muscular he-beast. Arienna sat on her haunches and watched him make his way over. She raised her labrums into a crooked snarl. Alakeir hit her in the dial tremendously, causing her to tip over with a yowl. The ashen lupe stepped forward and sniffed at Alakeirs foundations, and she snapped at his aud. Moving his pads back in a quick motion, he eluded another snip on the ear, and swung his apex back. Alakeir flicked her banner impatiently at the male and snorted. “Go, brute. I gave you a chance to live once, and I’m not willing to do it again!” She snarled, baring her gorgeous ivories.
“Wait! Give me another chance!” He boomed, his voice echoing throughout the wood. “Second chances don’t ever matter, people never change.” Alakeir referred wisely to her mother’s words. “Unless you want to have your blood spilled, fine by me.” Alakeir snorted, and then directed a digit towards him. “Seize him, sister.” She croaked, as Arienna launched forward, locking her sinister jaws onto his flank. Shaking her apex ravenously, she twisted her crest and made him stumble to the ground in agony.

The author's comments:
This is just a bit of the story, it is not complete. Once it is, I will warn you all and I hope you enjoy this small fragment!

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