My Best Friend

March 8, 2010
By shayag16 BRONZE, White Plains, New York
shayag16 BRONZE, White Plains, New York
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I could tell how excited she was by this news, though it did not yet show. I knew her so well that I could tell exactly what would be happening in a split second. First, her mouth would, little by little, curve into a familiar smile. I had seen this smile so many times, though it was not becoming even the least bit boring. Next to be transformed would be her cheeks: once tanned and slender, they would soon become a brilliant shade of scarlet and dimpled. And finally, her eyes: The friendly, warm dark brown would light up and glow. This would soon be followed by her eagerly jumping up and down, causing her dark curls to bounce along with the rest of her.
Of course, being on the phone with her, I had no idea if this was really happening or not.

“That’s great!” she cried, her voice slightly distorted, as if she was currently bouncing up and down.
I smiled, because it amused me how well I knew Lizzie.
I had just told her that I would get to go to our summer camp all summer next year. There are two sessions at my camp, first and second. Lizzie goes both first and second session, while I only go second.
“I’m so glad I don’t have to be at camp all by myself during first session! I hate all the people that come first session,” she said.
“Why can’t you just get your mom to send you to a different camp during that time again?”
“She works throughout the summer, so she needs to send me to SOME camp, and she really likes this one. And hey, at least you’re there second session. I hate being all alone.”
“Yeah, I would hate that too,” I said with a bored voice I could not hide. We had had this conversation far too many times. “I can’t wait to go to camp!” I exclaimed, trying my hardest to cover up my boredom with this conversation, which had been so overused it was becoming cliché.
I got the vibe that she knew exactly what I was doing, but thankfully, she decided to play along.

“Me either! I love camp so much.”

“Yeah, me too. I can’t wait to go back. Well anyway, I have to go. I still have homework to finish.” I knew she was rolling her eyes right about now.

“UGH! Yeah, me too. I hate homework.”

I smiled again at how well I knew her.

“Who doesn’t? Well, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.”

“Bye!” Click.

Lizzie and I had to converse over the phone a lot. Since we were camp friends, she lived too far away for us to see each other that often.

I knew that right about now, she was still thrilled at the thought that I would be there for her all summer. So was I. That was exactly why we were so close: we had everything in common. And I smiled, yet again, at the thought that she was probably thinking the exact same thing.

The author's comments:
i originally based this piece off my best friend, but it came out nothing like her.

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