My cup of tea

February 21, 2010
I heard a man today complaining about how unhappy he always is. He grabbed a tea bag and filled his cup with hot water. Then he sipped the tea and started his complaining again. I had to say something to make him realize that life isn't the only way he thought it was. I told him to add some sugar or creamer or honey to his tea. His face lit up and he announced that he had never thought of that before. I then mentioned that life can be interesting too. Get a job you love or tell your secret crush how you feel. If you get turned down at least you got it off your chest. Plan a day to do something you love. Go Golfing or horseback riding or simply to your favorite resturant. I saw that man two weeks later and I didn't even recognize him. He had his arm tucked around a pretty girl and he was no longer wearingthe hat that hung down over his eyes. He was wearing a smile and laughing. It's funny how a few words can change somebodys outlook on life.

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