The Bully

February 21, 2010
I was seventeen when I first died. My death was quick at least for me. I used my spread sheets and knotted them together. I walked to my ceiling fan and tied my sheet rope to it. I care fully stood on a chair and tied the rope around my neck. I sighed hoping for a better life once I was dead. I wrapped my hands around the rope above me and raised myself to kick the chair out from underneath me. I let go and bounced up and down. I shut my eyes while I took my last breath.




I knocked at Samantha’s door once and no reply. I knocked again thinking she just didn’t hear me. But again no reply. I decided to try one more time before opening her door. Of course there was no reply. I put the tray of food on the floor before taking the handle of the door and twisting it to open the door. I opened the door lightly just in case she was sleeping. But once I opened the door complete shock and horror ran through my body. I looked in the room to find Samantha hanging by a rope made of sheets that hung from the ceiling fan. Her head was tilted downwards looking to the floor but yet her eyes were shut. Her soft wavy brunette hair was flowing in the direction that her head was going covering her face almost entirely. She had a small smile spread across her face. Her legs were crossed together while her arms where hanging straight down to her sides.

I screamed. But this scream was much louder than others and it was filled with sobs. I collapsed to the floor and used both hands to cover my face. My mouth was open wide with little creams coming out. My husband rushed to me as he heard my yelps of pain. “What’s the matter?” he asks while finally reaching the door to see me collapsed on the floor. I shakily raise my arm to point at Samantha while still sobbing on the floor and looking at the floor. He quickly looks up and collapses to the floor with me and screaming just like I did.

I put my arm around him and cry into his shoulder. We sit there together crying as much as we know we just lost our only daughter, forever.




After finally being able to stand up my husband stood up quickly while continuing to look at the floor not wanting to look at his daughter to go get the phone. I remained there not being able to do anything. I kept crying and crying like there wasn’t an end to this. I heard him downstairs dial just three numbers with quick beeps.

“Hi, I need some ambulance and police here immediately.” “Yes, sir. Where do you live and what is your name?” asked the person on the phone. “Kyle McDigory. I live on Hillgory Street in 1300.” “Great, they’re on their way right now, sir. Just relax and we’ll get your problems sorted out.” “Great thanks” said Kyle before hanging up and racing upstairs to get to me. “They’re on their way here.” I couldn’t say anything because I knew why they were coming over here. My only daughter is dead I kept repeating to myself ‘till we heard a knock on the door.

Kyle stood up and picked me up with him to go to the door. Kyle opened the door to find an ambulance outside followed by two cop cars. “Hello, Mr. and Mrs.McDigory” said the taller of the four officers who was wearing dark shades. “Hello” replied only Kyle. “What is the problem?” he asked. Finally through clenched teeth I spoke. “Our only daughter is dead, DEAD!” I yelled while falling again to the floor. “How?” he asked. “How!? Well she hung herself, that’s how!” I yelled. One of the officers from behind stepped forward and picked me up. He waked me over to one of the cars and gave me a cold water bottle to drink. I refused to drink it wanting to join my daughter by starving myself. He brutally forced the water down my throat. I swallowed the first few but then started choking. He let go of my jaw and let me breath. I glared at him and rested against the car crying even more.

Kyle showed the men upstairs to where Samantha was hung. They were investigating for days. There was always one officer there at our house during the day and at night making sure we ate something and went to sleep. They even investigated all the computers. Then on one day they asked us to meet them at the police station.

As we reached the office they sat us down and stared straight at us. “Well we know why she committed suicide.” “Why?” asked Kyle. “Well she was being bullied by this one bully by the screen name of SassyChick12.” My mouth dropped open and even more tears streamed down my face. She didn’t even tell me I thought to myself. “I am very sorry” said the officer before walking out the door and leaving the two of us sitting there crying.

Samantha’s funeral was today. I walked down the aisle to reach her coffin and say my last good-bye before I really could never see her pretty face again. I looked down on her. She looked peaceful. She was laid on her back with her arms crossed in front of each other. The smile she had on her face while hung was still on her face. She was paler than usual and she had some streaks of blue on her face. She was actually dead I thought to myself. I looked in closer and saw the red line across her neck. It was the mark from the sheet rope she had made to kill herself. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling from my face.

We were outside. They had finished digging up the hole where they would put Samantha’s coffin. The priest said all the words usually said once someone dies. He finished and gestured for them to bring Samantha’s coffin into the hole. They put in the dirt and covered her completely. I couldn’t see her anymore-ever. I laid the roses that were in my hand on top of her and shed one last tear before walking away from my only daughter that was dead due to the bully.

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Emily:) said...
Mar. 15, 2010 at 8:28 pm
Wow. Wow.Wow.Wow.Wow.
JohnnyDeppLover123 replied...
Mar. 19, 2010 at 4:21 pm
hahaha!!! is that a good wow???
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