Superstars - Chapter 1

February 20, 2010
By , Beverly Hills, CA
The doors to West Brook High School opened at exactly 9:00, and all I saw was a horde of new freshmen run in to greet their new school for the next four years.

Above all the heads was one tall one, belonging to Bryson Hall, better known as Brys. He was my brother, and I smiled at him as he walked towards the fold-out table for people with last names G through L. He was easy to spot, because although he was 13 years old (almost 14), he was 5 foot 10, almost towering above Josh, my twin brother who was 5 foot 11. They got this height from Dad, who was six feet tall. But Leah and I were short. I’m 5 foot four, while Leah is the same, but will probably grow another couple of inches. Mom is 5 foot 5, but usually taller since she’s always wearing heels.

“Um…excuse me?” I looked away from Brys to see Jenny Munn, a blonde, spoiled brat.

“Yeah?” I said, forgetting that I had to give her a folder and sign her in for high school orientation.

She sighed, while her friends around her giggled with their hands cupped over their mouths. I took a folder from the file, gave her a nametag and pen, and then searched through the schedules for hers. I finally found it and handed it to her, turning to the next person in line.

After dealing with so many annoying freshmen, Josh finally came out of the bathroom. Every girl in line stopped just to catch a quick glance at him. Although quiet and kind of nerdy, Josh always caught attention from every girl he came across. He had chocolate colored, curly hair and bright blue eyes that stood out a mile away. He was tall and lean. Not as muscular as Brys, but still in good shape. No one ever believed we were twins. Our only similarity was that we had some shade of brown hair (mine is dark auburn), and it was curly.

Otherwise, I have green eyes, he has blue. He’s tall, I’m short. He’s quiet, I’m loud and social. He’s an Einstein prodigy, and I’m just smart. Everyone would think that I’m a year younger than him, but I’m actually two minutes older. Some people don’t even think we’re related.

After 30 minutes of handing out nametags, folders and schedules, it was finally time for the freshmen to go into the auditorium. They all tried to fit into the doors, although it wasn’t successful.

Josh and I cleaned the table and walked into the auditorium. We found our group that we were “chaperoning” (why did 14 year olds need chaperones?). I saw Brys sitting in the middle of the aisle. He was talking to his best friends Adam and Todd. Brys has known Adam and Todd since middle school and they’re pretty much inseparable.

Josh and I sighed and sat down in the back row. Brys noticed us and rolled his eyes. He always said that we “cramped his style” although we were nowhere near as embarrassing as mom and dad. The first person to go up to the podium and talk was the principal. Then there was the freshman vice principal. And then a bunch of other random people talked, and before I knew it, everyone was leaving.

Our whole group stood up and Josh tried to get them to line up, but I don’t think he realized that they were teenagers, not little kids. Then Josh started to lead the group towards our first location. I followed the group out, and got shoved by Jenny Munn. She pretended not to notice, but she had obviously done it on purpose. Her blonde curls fell over her face and she giggled with one of her minions.

Once we got to the classroom, Josh and I sat on the back tables while the freshmen sat in the chairs, trying to get accustomed to the bars on the right and that you weren’t able to slide your chair in. After 20 boring minutes of some old lady droning on about school policies, Alex walked in.

Alex is my boyfriend and we’ve been together since the beginning of junior year when he moved to New York. He silently came towards the back and hopped up on the table next to me. Josh slid away as Alex placed his hand on my thigh.

I could see Josh cross his arms and roll his eyes out of the corner of my eye. Ever since I started dating Alex, no one (except for Mom) liked him. Josh had even called him a tool, which I took harshly. Alex was perfect and no one else saw him like I did. But usually I just made fun of Josh because he hadn’t had a girlfriend since sophomore year, which is also when he got his first kiss. And mine was in 8th grade with Bobby Skerrit, the most popular boy in school.

After three hours of walking around the school, talking endlessly with Alex and listening to annoying teachers, it was finally noon, which meant orientation was over. The restless teenagers ran out of the school like it was on fire. But Brys stayed behind, saying goodbye to everyone, including Jenny Munn, who obviously was completely in love with him.

“Well…I gotta go,” Alex said, and he kissed me on the lips, quickly. When he left, I saw Brys and Josh making the same face. They were disgusted, and I don’t really know why, because it’s not like we had a huge make out session or something. It was just a quick peck on the lips. I didn’t even close my eyes. What babies.

“Dude, that’s just weird,” Brys said.

I sighed and walked out of the classroom, ignoring Brys. Once we got to my car, Brys and Josh started fighting about who would get shotgun. Being the only mature one, I had to do eenie meenie miney moe and chose Josh, which made Brys suck his teeth.

I always got to choose who sat where because the car was mine. Mom and Dad had made a deal with us that Josh would get a car, and I would too. And my car had to be shared with Leah, who would get the car when she turned 16. And same with Brys and Josh’s car. They hated riding in my car because it was a red mini-cooper, which apparently, was “super duper queer.” Their words, exactly.

We got home to see a white van parked behind the garage. On it was the E! logo. The crew for our new reality show was here. A couple months ago, E! asked Mom and Dad to follow us around and film for the fall and winter in order to make a reality show. We’d be followed everywhere, and had to do interviews that would run throughout the show. It was like any other reality show on TV. But apparently, this one was a big deal because Mom and Dad are huge celebrities, and when I say huge, I really mean it.

Mom was really excited and made all of us clean the entire house, making me late for work, and my boss pissed off. I worked at a camp as a counselor for 6 and 7 year olds. I hadn’t called and said I’d be late yesterday, so I almost got fired, but thankfully, someone walked into her office so that she couldn’t say anything. And if I mess up once more, I’m definitely going to get fired.

I opened the garage door to see cameras already on and filming Mom and Dad talking about something. We all walked in and Mom smiled as I sat down. “Hey, Scar! How was your day?” This wasn’t very normal for Mom. She was never this excited about anything.

I just stared at her, trying to communicate that I didn’t really like the idea for this stupid show. Of course Brys answered her and made sure to be right in the camera’s view. I didn’t even see Josh; he must have gone up to his room. He hated cameras of any kind.

“Where’s Leah?” I asked, interrupting Brys.

“In her room,” Dad answered, looking just as annoyed by the cameras as me.

I sighed and started walking upstairs. The cameramen looked at each other, as if they needed to bring a camera upstairs in order to catch us doing whatever we were doing. But they had to stay downstairs covering Brys and Mom talking.

I walked into Leah’s room to see her sitting on her bed, reading the latest issue of Teen Vogue. She sighed. “You better not have cameras with you,” Leah said, without looking up.

“Nope.” I laid back onto her bed staring at the ceiling covered in posters of models walking the runway. Leah has always wanted to be a model. She’s only 13, but she’s got a killer body, gorgeous face and a pretty good runway walk. It’s from watching all of those modeling shows on Bravo.

She’s got shoulder-length, wavy black hair that frames her heart-shaped face perfectly. And she never wears makeup, but she doesn’t even need it. And she’s got amazing natural curves and bigger boobs than me, although I’m four years older than her. I was jealous of her, and she knew it. “Heidi Klum is gorgeous. I hope I look like that when I’m in my 30s and have four kids.” She sighed again.

I rolled my eyes, getting up to look at picture she was looking at. It was a picture of Heidi Klum walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. Heidi was wearing a bright red corset with the famous angel wings. She was smiling and her blonde hair was bouncing. Didn’t everyone wish they looked like Heidi Klum?

“You know, Lee, if you really wanna be a model, you should call an agency.”

“Oh my god, Scarlett. I can’t just, like, call and be like ‘Hey! Can I get a photo shoot in the next Teen Vogue issue?’”

“Well, actually, you probably could. I mean, of course, you gotta go to a meeting and take some Polaroids, but you could totally be a model!”

She rolled her eyes and looked back at the picture of Heidi. Then she turned the page, her eyes widening at the picture of Miranda Kerr smiling.

I walked out of her room and went back down to the kitchen because I was hungry, but the cameras were already pointing towards the stairs and I just avoided looking at anyone but Mom, Dad or Brys. This show was gonna be a long one.

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