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February 19, 2010
By BlackRoseEcstasy121 SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
BlackRoseEcstasy121 SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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The day I got my cell phone, it was like heaven. I could text, call or even send pictures to my friends. So as im sitting in my car on the way home im texting everyone I know. The next day at school im so excited to take it out and show my friends, as I whip it out of my pocket, the security guard comes and snatches it away.
“hey what was that for?” I screamed
“no cell phones at school. You can have your parents pick it up after school.” Told me the security guard while turning my phone off. Finally the end of the school day, I rush to the office to call my parents, finally after about 2 minutes of waiting my dad pulls up in a black convertible. So I get my phone back, I guess I didn’t learn my lesson the first time, the next day at school in 8th grade science, I whip out my phone and start texting my friend, who was sitting right in front of me at the moment. So for the next 2 weeks I have been texting my friend even when we were right next to each other. For the next 2 weeks all the teachers and security guards were on my...bottom. they watched me like hawks watch the prey. Even if I got out of sight they would haunt me down until they found me. I was their victim the number one criminal who had a 50,000 dollar reward. Everyone was after me. Finally when they couldn’t catch me I began to text in all my classes its not so hard getting away with it you know, until that one class…
In Mrs. Popravak’s if someone sends or receives a text this one really loud and obnoxious noise will go off and everyone will know that someone is texting or not. In my third period class everyone knows that all the kids who do have cell phones text so that’s no mystery. But when the teacher hears it we know that she’s on to us. Next time you text be careful because there will be a time when a teacher will take it away and who knows maybe your parents wont be as nice to pick it up right away

The author's comments:
this was for some essay thing we had to do in the newspaper/blog thing. it got rejected because it was way too persuasive...

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