February 28, 2010
By Anonymous

Chapter 1

As I walk home I have this urge that something is going to go wrong. Taking deep breaths and looking down at my brisk walking toes I realize I stand before my front door. As soon as I open that door its like opening a sodas can that quick moment of silence then bam, it all hits you like a sharp knife. The yelling and screaming is a typical day when I come home but that strange sense was still gnawing at me. My urge was like a secret you want to tell but you can’t, but this time I didn’t know was the secret was. I hear the ear piercing sounds coming from my parents blabbering mouths almost like a running engine. I walk up the creaky oak stairs and come upon the loud noises once again. The screaming comes to a silence then I hear footsteps sprinting down the stairs. As I give my mom a quick hug as she slaps on a coat and runs out that door I can still smell the sweet aroma of her perfume. I sneak up stairs to walk into my dad plopped down on his bed holding his head firmly and shaking his dark tanned skinned face. I walk up to him with caution and whisper to him, “What happened?” He replied in a deep voice, “ Taylor your mom isn’t coming back.” I think to myself o no this again. My mom is an alcoholic this constant bickering goes on almost every day. You would think they would be divorced but they decide to stick it out. I live in the house with my rambunctious younger sister my mom, and dad. This problem has always been but it was for that strange sense was still engraved in my thoughts it was piercing me with agony. “Dad why isn’t she coming back?” he replied in a mournful way, “We got in a fight. I found shots of vodka in her purse and coffee cup. Honey, she has hurt you and your younger sister too much I just watch you two get hurt anymore.” I pondered upon the saying and said, “You always find those in her purse why would this be any different?” He said, “She fell asleep behind the wheel with you little sister in the car. She passed out because she was drunk!” At that controlled moment I felt fright fill me up like a glass of water chills swallow me up whole. The stillness of the room besides my rushing head made me think. I felt like I had been ruined adultery stupid I blamed it all on myself. Why wasn’t I there I could’ve helped her. I had raced to Caitlyn’s room and opened her heavy wooden door and spoke gently, “Are you okay?” Caitlyn said back to me, “No I am scared.” I looked her, “Don’t be scared you will be fine. I am here for you if you need anything I am always there.” the tears stormed down her face like a rushing water fall. her blissful voice filled the area like a toxic fume, “Thank you.”

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