February 27, 2010
By XliteX SILVER, Coquitlam, Other
XliteX SILVER, Coquitlam, Other
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Elizabeth J. Canham...
There is no freedom like seeing myself as I am and not losing heart.

It was to be called the end of days, the two biggest factions clashing together for world diplomacy..... Russia and the U.S.A. fighting below me, my people, my country, my regret. It was to be another day, the day i finally ask her,

walking to class i here screams not screams of happiness but screams of that would start a war.
i quickly turn the corner not knowing to look in the mirror
for what i would face but i turn to see a figure, black combat vest over a black air force jacket, hovered upon by a black ski mask and goggles fresh of blood, all lead to the shot that took her down, the girl i cared so much about. the one i wanted to marry and love. without thinking i grab a pencil that has fallen to the floor and thrust it deep into the killers neck. warm with blood i look to her. as if she's asleep i kneel over her, comb my fingers in her hair and say my last good bye. "i love you and I'm sorry i couldn't say it before, now that i have you i don't want to loose you". the windows by us shatter. the sky diluted in more killers, the roar of their transports accompanied by them. not knowing what was to happen i kiss her and say i will not forget you, i get up and run down the hallway slipping on my blood drenched shoes. smashing the back doors open with my shoulder slowly realizing that these aren't terrorists, they are soldiers of Russia. being surrounded the sounds of men willing die for there country. i jump down the ravine cutting my leg on the thorn bushes, cutting my arm on the broken glass and garbage hitting my head on the rocks. i'm unconscious about to die....
i awaken to recognizable voices, a squad of Canadian soldiers found me, saved me. asking me if i can shoot a gun, "why" i plead. its our time to rise and speak for those that can't speak for themselves."show me" i said, i have nothing to loose the one girl i loved now dead, probably the same with my family. all i have left is the will to fight for my country and fight for the fallen....names don't matter anymore either your friendly or the enemy this is my new life, my story, my end..........(more to come soon)

The author's comments:
i was playing Call of duty and said this might make a good story so i put my own twist on it and still need a name but i am thinking abut making a series.

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