February 26, 2010
By Reds#5 SILVER, Eaton, Colorado
Reds#5 SILVER, Eaton, Colorado
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"lifes a garden dig it" joe dirt
"pain is weakness leaving the body"
"it only hurts till it stops hurting" ciaras dad lol

Envy a four letter word so simple it is. Yet the feelings it describes are beyond this simply arrogant word. It’s shameful and apart of the feelings people do not wish to admit to having. To do so we become less than perfect and therefore looked down upon by others. Besides that’s all anyone wants to achieve the flawlessness that is perfection. Perfection next to godliness who wouldn’t want this. So this word stays unsaid and hidden in the darkest most desperately hidden corners of the mind where the sickest of fantasies and the darkest of thoughts are joined by the imperfections and colossal sins that wouldn’t dare be released into the world to do so would be to create a world filled with chaos and abstract thinking minds would become released and theses dark corners free to roam and be expressed beyond the walls of the human mind and everyone then to be insane and helpless when defending themselves from reality when it comes to their door bearing the Burdon of truth and then everyone released to such a world of chaos is chained their arms tied their minds studied and their actions feared because they dared to look into the corners dark and denied by others.

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