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February 25, 2010
By therandomizer BRONZE, Ft. Worth, Texas
therandomizer BRONZE, Ft. Worth, Texas
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"I am on an epic search for Truth."

Today I was leaving the building of learning and visiting with my friend Esther. Saying farewell to my dearest friend, Delilah. We bid ourselves adieu to one another for you see, we were eager to escape confinement. Well, me and Esther walked along and were joined by a jester and his queen. The jester dallied with my hair, and the queen she laughed and stared. I am in the habit of ignoring silly people, so along with Esther walked us. To those vehicles which take us away to lives so far and wide. Esther flounced as the wind bounced her skirt up and down, and we laughed so merrily. We are fools, perhaps more I than the rest. But, no matter. So along we walked, and when we stopped, I searched for my keys. Esther escaped quicker than I, and when I noticed her vehicle had left… Who should I see but the boy that makes me blush and glad. Who didn’t even know till I told him so! (For as a tidbit of information, I felt Delilah had conjured me to confess, but rightly, I know it was mine own fault.) I had been lugging around a great many and heavy items, but I seemed to forget their weight and numbers. With a great heave, they landed in the passenger seat. I most indelicately entered my vehicle, and let the engine purr. Oh me oh my! I commanded the vehicle reverse and exit, almost hitting another friend on my quick escape. I wasn’t sure, but it seemed to me the boy who made me blush and glad had laughed. Oh well. Perhaps another day I should gain confidence and poise and carefulness (so as not to potentially wreak another vehicle…). But then again, perhaps I will not... What shall be will and what shall not be will not. That is what I know.

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