Natural Beauty

February 25, 2010
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My pupils grew wide, taking over the dark brown irises with an aggressive and sudden movement. What could have triggered such a reaction? The question was quickly answered as I studied the sight above me. There was no sky; there was only a blanket of black cotton, it was violent and vengeful, and it grew more sinister with each second. It appeared so unnatural I could only refer to the illusion as alien, a creation by the supernatural, out of this world. As the vision spread intrigue throughout my limbs another feeling overcame me, just following the angry boom of nature's heartbeat. There was now pure adrenaline coursing through every vein and every artery beneath my pale, freckled skin.

The first drops broke through and greeted Earth's surface. I could hardly stand the sheer beauty of what was occurring in front of me. An earsplitting beat hummed in sync with my own heart just as a flash illuminated what seemed to be the whole world; even the trees joined in with an enthusiastic dance consisting of quick snapping movements. My heart raced, and I felt it pull me out the door. I suddenly felt completely animated.

As I left safety behind me I exhaled in awe; the air from my lungs intertwined itself with the oxygen surrounding my body like helixes of DNA. I could not help but outstretch my arms as if I had wings and let out a small chuckle. The world as I saw it at that moment was completely foreign; nature, unfamiliar. The elements were acting out with what could only be described as revenge. Yet in her dark moment filled with crashes and bangs after antagonistic flashes, I felt free. I felt as if my worries were rolling off my skin just with the cool raindrops.

I stood in the rain without even thinking about the danger associated with being outside during such an act of nature. There was only sovereignty on my mind. The fact seemed peculiar even to me, but in that moment I wished that everyone could have experienced the same feeling. The wind blew and hundreds of wet droplets hit my face all at once, tickling my cheeks as gravity forced them downward. Breaking the peace, I heard the faint yell of my name being carried by the wind. I smiled, for I knew I would always remember this day, as insignificant as it would appear to anyone else. As crazy as the thought seemed, I felt a deeper appreciation for nature after that fierce storm in the summer: it had taught me a grand lesson. Nature is the epitome of real beauty. To the present I cannot help but greet the downpour, the deafening explosions, and the vivid flares of any storm wishing to pass through.

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