Dave and the Bird

February 25, 2010
By , kenton, OH
There once was a man named Dave who loved to go to the park whenever he could. He loved to feed the birds and take walks. On one day around noon Dave decided to go to the park on a nice summer day. He was going to take Brett his Best friend with him. Dave was waiting for Brett to show up at his apartment so they could go but Brett is always late. Dave said to himself “If Brett don’t show up in at least five minutes I am going without him”. Right after Dave got done saying it there was a knock at the door. Dave walked over to the door and opened it. It was Brett he was all sweaty. Dave asked him “Where have you been”. He said He overslept he was up all night working”. Dave said “Ok then lets get a move on it then”. Brett and Dave started walking to the park and Dave said, “I have to go into the store to get some bird food and a energy drink”. Brett said “He would go ahead and meet him at the park.” Dave went into the store and bought the food and his drink.

He arrived at the park, he loved how the park was it had a pond with ducks and geese and it had many kinds of trees like Pine trees, Buckeye Tree’s, and a great big peach tree. He tried to find Brett but he couldn’t find him so he sat down and relaxed on a bench. He opened the bag of bird food and started to throw it in the grass. He saw different kinds of birds fly to the food; this was another thing Dave liked to see at the park. He sat and watched until he saw a bird he had never seen before. It was red and black, its head was red and the rest of the body was black, it also had a big beak and it had a chimp that was so beautiful. He tried to attract the bird towards him. It got closer and closer until Brett showed up and the bird flew away. Brett asked Dave “Where have you been I was over by the ice cream cart talking to Jennifer from high school”. Dave replied “O I didn't see you over there, but hey I think I am going to go walk around so do you want to meet up later”. Brett said “Ok meet me here”.
Dave walked off and tried to find the bird again. He sprinkled the food but no bird showed up like the one he had seen before. He looked and looked but he couldn't find it. He sat back down on a bench and closed his eyes. After a couple seconds he heard the chirp that he had heard earlier. He opened his eyes and saw the bird. It was right in front of him, he threw some food and the bird ate it. He tried to attract the bird in again and it came to him. It flew on to his hand and he stood up and looked at it. He was still wondering what kind of bird it was. He saw a sign that had a list of birds on it and he found out that it was a Red-breasted Sapsucker and it was known for sucking sap out of trees. He said, “You are a really unique bird and I am going to come see you everyday”.

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