When she ran away

February 24, 2010
By coco_babe BRONZE, Dapto, Other
coco_babe BRONZE, Dapto, Other
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Ok I am now officially stressed out. I honestly have had enough with everything. The teachers at school are giving us so much homework that I will never be able to finish, like I mean seriously how can someone expect us to balance 3 projects, a social life, dancing in the afternoon and working at dominoes on the weekends and after school. Not too mention an over protective annoying boyfriend that I really have to get rid of coz things are just getting worse and worse. Well you probably don’t want to know about my love life or lack of but I’m going to tell you anyway. I have a boyfriend that has been my boyfriend for about 5 moths now and his name is Callum and lets just say things between us have been better before. So back to where I was saying that i'm totally sick of everything, well I couldn't handle it anymore so I ran away. I mean that or suicide and I want to live I just need to get away from it all. Maybe not even go back but I just need to get away. So here I am in the middle of nowhere, well I mean it has to be somewhere but it just looks like one of those places where people are like “ oh look where in the middle of nowhere.” Anyway the stress of general life is just overwhelming and so I just ran.

It all started back about 2 months ago when I went out with Callum, we went to our usual spot down by the lake on the seat where it says CB+KJ 4eva, obviously the CB standing for Callum Blaire and the KJ standing for me, Kristy Jones. Anyway we were sitting on that seat and he had his arm around me and we were staring out to the lake and watching all the little lights that were lit up on the city ahead of us, when he turned to me and said “Kristy I really love you and want to be with you forever, but I don't like you hanging out with other guys. It makes me nervous” And that really got to me, since then he has been annoying and really clingy. I'm kind of getting sick of him, I mean every time I even talk to a guy friend he eyes off the guy as if he is going to like eat them or something. Its drives me mental. Anyway add that to the equation made up of an annoying little brother – well I mean he’s not that bad but can drive you insane – homework and projects, and all my friends stupid little dramas. I mean seriously guys, just because some guy said ‘hello’ to you doesn't mean he is a player and wants to get in your pants.

So here I am sitting on a rock under a tree, its getting dark out here and i'm kind of getting scared. I swear to god that there has been this person following me, i've been out here for like 6 hours and i'm so tired but I walk and the stop and here someone close behind. It’s starting to really freak me out. So yeah and that's how I got here. I know for some people what i've been going through might not be such a big deal but to me it kind of is, I mean I have never had many problems in my life but now I do.

So I lay down on the sleeping bag I brought, I look up at the stars and its not too long before I fall asleep. I dream. And not really a great dream it is, kind of scary in fact. It’s me running through the forest in the middle of the night with this growling coming from behind me. I’m running away out of fear, the thing is getting closer and closer until its almost on top of me, I make out that it's a human before it falls on top of me and then I wake up.

Its daylight when I wake up I try and clear my eyes but everything is blurry, so I shut them for a little while longer and listen around me. I can hear birds and rustles of the trees; the wind is whispering secrets to the unknown area around me. Finally I open my eyes again, and this time I can see clearly. But I don't want to see what I see. I look straight ahead and see a person standing over me, staring at me. I scream in fear and get up to run away. In sitting up when the person says to me in an angelic voice

“Kristy, its ok, you’re safe because i'm here” OMG I think to myself, this person knows my name and its really starting to freak me out. I look up when i've finally calmed down and see that it's a guy, not much older than me, and pretty good-looking as well. Wow there are lots of things you don't really notice when your scared. So finally I find my voice and I ask
“Who are you, and how do you know who I am?” but I think it might have come out as a whisper.
He smiled and said “My name is Daniel and I’ve been watching you for a while, not in like a freaky stalker way but I knew you were going to run away and there are really dangerous things that happen in these forests and I didn’t want to see another innocent person in trouble for something they deserve.”
“Umm ok.” That's all I could really say. It was as if this Daniel guy was talking in code. But by the next thing he said it was if he could read my mind.
“You must be freaked out a little that I would just come up to you randomly and tell you its dangerous here like in a Harry potter movie. But come for a walk and I will explain everything.” Daniel said.
I got up and walked with him. We walked for about 5 minutes and no one said anything but then out of nowhere he took my hand. He looked at me and smiled. I felt all fluttery inside, but I just met him so I couldn't really feel this way, I thought to myself. Then we stopped, I hadn’t noticed how far wed walked until now, but it was a fair way. We were at a part of the forest where there was a cave and a circle of trees. It looked magical and I felt in myself that there was something in the air.
Daniel turned to me and said “ there are very magical people in these forests, but they are also very dangerous. They kill for life, because that's how they live. You think you’re life is difficult, but take just take each day as it comes and you will be fine. Now go back home and apologize and I promise I will see you again.”
I almost cried, I didn't want to leave him, but I realized I had to. So I walked out the forest and went home.
After explaining everything to my family, I called Callum and told him it was over and I made a plan to do exactly what Daniel had told me. ‘Take each day as it comes.’

Now thinking back, it was that day I met Daniel and I think I may have fallen in love with him, now were together and were both just taking each day as it comes. We go to that forest where we met almost every weekend now and I'm happy. I guess life just takes you places you don't expect, but from my experience, that's not always a bad thing.

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This was a class assignment but i think its cool so i posted it here.

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