February 24, 2010
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Empty crumpled bottles descend slowly down the slippery slopes of heaping garbage. Greasy trash bags of all sorts, dirty cans, grimy liquids drooling black and green ooze through littered teeth. Slowly it all crawls into the deep blue waters of the ocean. The icy touch nearly paralyzes the intruders, but they persist, invade, and pollute.

Sluggish pale maggots tear away at rotted ham, moldy bread, dead rats, and anything possessing a foul odor. They love the taste. Sucking and licking every molecule of waste their tiny bodies can handle. Their parents hover above, searching the heap for another home to infest.

The heap of trash masks a once gorgeous island. It’s beige sandy beaches lie arrested and suffocating beneath. A graveyard of nothingness.

And as the poison crawls, sinking it’s teeth deep into the environment, polluting, destroying, and devouring anything in its path more and more trash migrates to the heap.

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