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February 24, 2010
I stepped out of the freezing building and into a not much colder parking lot. He walked up to me, an eerie smirk spread across his face. "The other night was amazing."

"Yeah, I get that alot..." I lied.

"And you should cause you're talented," I thought he was joking, but his face showed no no expression, "So, I was wondering if we could do it again sometime?"

" I'll see what I can do," I winked, "So HOW amazing was it?" My polite smile turned into a smirk that resembled an evil villain realizing how to defeat Batman.

He swallowed hard, "Very..." It seemed as though he couldn't find anything to say, why didn't he just use my word? "Hot..." He breathed after what seemed like ages.
I pulled him closer by the front of his Levi's, "Yeah...?" I whispered, while batting the mascara covered eyelashes surrounding my big, blue eyes.
He nodded slowly, I could sense his nervousness, so I gently shoved him backwards and giggled.

"Umm..." He cleared his throat, "Do you have a new rate or something?"
I laughed, shook my head, flipped my hair and walked away. Wow, if only Grandma could see me now.

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